Some argue that decorative plants are displacing native plants, yet busy people are unable to grow plants that demand more attention, but one can easily grow beautiful indoor house plants like snake plants and rubber trees. Beginners who are interested in growing plants for the first time will find these plants to be easy to grow.

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Snake plant is one of those plants which can be grown easily. This plant can survive in almost any environmental conditions and its propagation is also very easy as you can grow this plant with the help of one of its leaves. As this is from the family of succulents, it likes to be placed under direct sunlight and it does not need water frequently because it absorbs water in its leaves. You can water this after every four to five days as this does not like much water and overwatering can cause the problem of root rot in it. When you break the leaf of this plant you can see the water absorbed by it for itself. The soil of the plant should be such that it can drain out water quickly since there can be problems in the plant with moist soil. If the soil is more clay then one can add river sand to it. This is a green-colored plant that has hard and thick leaves and there is no stem in it.

If your snake plant does not look like the snake plant that your neighbors have and you are wondering whether the plant is a snake plant or not then you should enhance your knowledge about the snake plant as there are many varieties of this succulent plant that are mentioned below.

Gold flame

This is the plant that has a more golden color in its leaves than green. The thick leaves of this plant have a golden-colored borderline at the back of it and on its front side; it is more golden than of green. You can grow this variety of snake plants as it is uncommon.


This snake plant looks pretty amazing with long leaves which have a vertical pattern on them.

The color of the leaves of the Sayuri snake plant is a bit lighter than the common snake plant. You can enhance the beauty of your home with this unique variety of snake plants. You can also sendindoor plants online of these kinds and especially of the kind which can be easily grown to your near and dear ones as gifts as it should be encouraged to grow more and more plants and it would be easy for them to take care of these kinds of low maintenance plants.


This is also an uncommon variety of snake plant as the leaves of moonshine snake plant are of light green color which has a thin layer of dark green color on its edges and borders


Boncel which is also known as starfish sansevieria has hardy leaves of cylindrical shape. This plant which grows in the shape of a fan is considered lucky in China.


This is a common variety of snake plant which can be commonly seen in residences and offices. The price of the plant can be quite low as compared to other varieties of snake plants and that is the reason they grow this plant. The dark green colored leaves of this plant have golden colored borders and the golden color is darker than that of Emerald star.

Bird’s nest

Bird’s nest is a snake plant with dark green colored leaves of comparatively small size than the normal snake plant.

Samurai dwarf

This looks totally different from the usual snake plant and some may say that this is not a snake plant because it has thicker and hard leaves than any other type of snake plant.


You can grow this plant if you are fond of dark colors as the leaves of zeylanica are a bit darker in the color of green.

Black gold

The leaves of black gold have a thick outline of golden color and these are thicker

Snake plants purify the air around it because it removes toxic chemicals from the air. Hence, one can grow this easy maintenance plant for a healthy environment as well as for ornamentation.