If you’re a resident based in london and therefore are searching for feedback around the chop chop noodle bar, this publish might have some relevant details? Many foodies within the Uk found themselves in a rebranded restaurant in Shepherds Plant market.

Chop Chop Noodle bar is really a famous Asian restaurant within the Plant market on Uxbridge Road working in london. Individuals have another experience with this store’s food and customer services, and they’ve shared it on various review sites. Lychee Bay Shepherds Plant Reviews has got the latest update about this store by means of customer comments.

Lychee Bay Restaurant Reviews:

Many purchasers are confused as Chop Chop Chinese restaurant serving noodles, along with other Chinese dishes, has rebranded itself as Lychee Bay. There are various causes of rebranding a company outlet, and altering its image is one. We’ve listed a few of the ratings with this shop with present and former names.

Nice Local Review website – On Nice local, this restaurant includes a rating of just one.5 with 67 reviews from various customers.

TripAdvisor Rating – This website has provided a rating of three.5 from 104 customer comments.

Lychee Bay London Reviews of Chop Chop:

We discovered that this restaurant has mixed ratings from customers, some like its food and exactly how it’s priced, however, many customers have asked its customer support. More ratings with this shop and it is food safety are highlighted below.

Yelp is really a well-known review website, and contains given a rating of three stars for this shop from thirty-five customer comments.

On The Internet, 535 individuals have rated this shop, and they’ve given a 3.3 rating to the different services.

The meals standard agency has provided a 4 rating because of its food safety and hygiene.

Lychee Bay London Reviews includes a current rating from the highest review sites with this Asian restaurant. Some recent reviews about this shop are worrisome, which is discussed within the next portion of this publish.

Recent Reviews and Comments on Lychee Bay:

We have no idea the reason behind the rebranding, but a few of the comments regarding customer support are negative. It can’t function as the situation of alternation in management as you comment from 2017 claims that employees are rude, but food cost and quality compensate for that. A few of the comments in 2022 match that sense of the client.

Lychee Bay Shepherds Plant Reviews on Lychee Food:

Even though some customers have commented negatively about its services and termed this shop as racist, its overall image is nice. In the personnel level, customers could possibly get offended by a few staff activities, nevertheless its food happens to be tasty for purchasers.

Singaporean Fried Grain

Char Kway Teo

Roast Duck Noodle Soup

Pepper and salt Wings

Beef Satay.

Final verdict:

Some customers rate the above mentioned-listed food because the appropiate product only at that restaurant. Many purchasers also have shared their concerns about locating this shop because of its rebranding. Lychee Bay Shepherds Plant Reviews found an assorted review with this restaurant.

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