Are you familiar with the latest moon views that look like fruits? Are you aware of the best time to view super moon 2022 in your area? You have come to the right place if you don’t know the time to watch super moon 2022. This is the latest viral news from Canada, India, India and the United States about the super moon.

Today’s article will be all about Moon Strawberry 2022. Follow the blog to see more.

Super Moon Information:

The Super Moon (also known as Strawberry Moon) is formed when the moon is at 90 degrees of perigee, which is the closest point to the earth. Although it is rare, seeing the super moon is amazing. The last super moon was in June 2022. For those who missed last month’s super moon view, this is an amazing opportunity to see it again.

It is true. The super full moon or Moon Strawberry 2022 will be back on July 13th-15th 2022. Because this is when Bucks and male deer grow their antlers, the full moon is also known as Buck Moon.

Timing for strawberry moon:

It is amazing to see the super moon and full moon from the sky. Those who missed the June strawberry moon will be able to view it again starting 13 July 2022. NASA says the buck moon is visible from 13th through 15th July 2022. This time, Moon Strawberry 2022 will be visible for 3 days. It will start on Wednesday morning and end on Friday morning. This will be the brightest year-end moon, as the moon is too close to Earth.

Strawberry was the last super moon. However, this super moon is now called the buck moon because the new antlers that grow on male deer are named the buck Moon. This is because the earth is at aphelion (the farthest from the sun) and the view is amazing. You can’t miss the view of the super-full moon if you missed it.

More information on Moon Strawberry 2022

Although the last super moon was called the strawberry moon it was actually the buck moon. It was visible on Wednesday 13th of December at 02:38 EDT. The name buck moon comes from the time that the antlers rise in male bucks or deer.

The distance between the earth’s surface and the buck moon is approximately 3,57,264 kilometers

The closing sentence:

The super full moon provides a stunning view of the moon.

This article contains all the details about the Moon Strawberry 202 and more about the timing of Buck moons.