This article is jotted down to encourage you to crack more puzzles and get the best information based on the Mortal Gorgon Greek Myth.  

Are you interested in crossword puzzles? Do you like to engage in healthy pastimes like guessing puzzle games? If so, you must be acquainted with the ultimate success puzzle that makes the United States dwellers crazy. 

When we can’t reckon the answer to a puzzle at some moments, we feel irritated and helpless. To resolve this dilemma, we are here to give you clues and answers to crosswords. Recently, Mortal Gorgon Greek Myth has been trending. Let’s check below the details of this puzzle. 

Story of Mortal Gorgon-

There’s a new clue floating in the market for a crossword puzzle based on Mortal Gorgon. In Greek folklore, a fatal alter into one of the 3 gorgons. By referring to this information, players are asked to guess the answer. 

After analysing and symbolising Greek mythology, players need to answer which of the Gorgons was mortal. We know it’s quite tough, but you don’t need to bother. We’re here to help you out with further information. 

Clues to Only Mortal Gorgon in Greek Myth

This sentence or phrase is itself a clue, but we have some other sub hints. They will assist you to guess the answer immediately. 

  • So, the foremost clue is that the answer is a 6 lettered word. 
  • The character is one of the three enormous Gorgons. 
  • The character is a woman who has annexes. 
  • She has vicious serpents in the position of the strand.  
  • Those who look into her orifices turn out to be stoned. 
  • Euryale is one of the siblings of this character. 
  • Moreover, she dwelled and perished in Sarpedon.

An Exact Answer to Mortal Gorgon Greek Myth-

Here is the answer to the April 19th crossword puzzle, which is making players restless. It’s Medusa. She was the only Gorgon who was fatal. Thus, her killer, Perseus, was competent to assassinate her by snipping her skull.

Her manifestation and details are briefly described in the section of clues. In addition, a jellyfish that is widely known in Japan is called the Medusa jellyfish. This is because of its shape and evil looks which are venomous. 

Why is this Trending? 

The reason behind the crossword Only Mortal Gorgon in Greek Myth trend is quite self-evident. This was a bit harder to crack specifically for those not so into Greek history. 

Players were not ready for this type of puzzle. They got the clues on the internet but couldn’t even guess after that. That’s why it became controversial and trending. 


As a concluding thought, puzzles aim to test an individual’s originality and proficiency. But, they become difficult to crack at certain times, and it’s okay to get help. So, don’t worry about the Mortal Gorgon Greek Myth anymore, as we have provided you with the best information based on Internet research. 

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