Wine is an exciting drink. It has been around since ancient times, and the recipe to make it has grown and improved ever since. It has been the object of adoration and inspiration since time immemorial. Not only that, but there is more to wine than the taste and experience it provides. It is truly a remarkable human invention.

You might not know it, but the future of non-alcoholic drinks is at hand. More and more researchers are showing that these drinks have tons and tons of benefits for those who take them. It does not matter where you get your wine, from the retail store near you or the several wine shipping websites, like Boisson online. You are on the right track with non-alcoholic wine as a part of your daily routine. We will also show you why it is the better alternative for those long drinking nights.

How Do Wine Makers Create Such A Drink?

Preparing wine is no easy feat. The overall process is complicated – one wrong step will turn into a disaster! But the neat part is that there are two primary methods to make non-alcoholic wine:

  • Vacuum Distillation

Through vacuum distillation, winemakers let the alcohol evaporate. They do so by heating the wine in a controlled vacuum chamber, and doing so preserves the drink’s overall aroma and distinct taste.

  • Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis does not only apply to drinking water. It works for non-alcoholic wine as well. First, a filter only allows water and alcohol to move through. The next part is the separation of the water from the alcohol. The water then goes back to the wine after all the other processes.

Improved Health For Men

There is a study out there that highlights the effect of non-alcoholic wine. Men have been given three drinks, non-alcoholic wine, gin, and regular wine. They were instructed to take them for a while. Out of all the drinks the men had, they showed improvement after drinking the non-alcoholic alternative. Now, that is a huge deal for non-alcoholic wine brewers. Not only is their product tasty, but it is healthy as well.

Improved Taste

There is a debate whether non-alcoholic wine does not taste the same as its alcohol-ridden counterpart. Some people believe that because the alcohol is not present in this drink, there is nothing more to it. 

It is simply another drink companies trying to sell. However, that is far from the truth. In fact, more and more non-alcoholic wine products have improved taste. They provide a flavor unlike any other. Some products can even compete toe-to-toe against their alcoholic buddies.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Another study shows how non-alcoholic wine can help with healthier living. People who drink non-alcoholic wine improve their nitric oxide levels, leading to reduced blood pressure.

Decreased Risk Of Heart Disease

That same study highlights that drinking non-alcoholic wine at least once a day helps reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancer conditions.

Fewer Calorie Count

Most alcoholic drinks contain a specific amount of alcohol. Keep in mind that alcohol contains empty calories. These calories do nothing for your body and have no nutritional value. That is why you notice that a lot of alcoholic people are overweight and obese. That is not the case with non-alcoholic wine. This drink contains four times less calories.

No Hangovers The Next Day

Your typical bar scene involves tons of bottles and a lot more drunk people, which means there will be more and more people suffering from hangovers the next day. But no, not you. 

You are wise and enjoy non-alcoholic wine more than a cold one from the bar fridge. You are fully aware that you will not suffer from any hangover. Plus, someone must carry and drive those drunk drinking buddies home safely and sound. Who better to do it than you? In addition, non-alcoholic wine is better after a long day when you have to do work next.

Less Sulphites

It is elementary that most wine products in the market contain high levels of sulfites. So it is no surprise that many individuals have extensive amounts of sulfite in their bodies, which cannot be good in the long run. Good thing that non-alcoholic wine products have little to no sulfite level at all.

Regarding Costs

A lot of non-alcoholic wine products out there do not cost an arm and leg. You can get a bottle from a starting humble price of $99. You can save on money and enjoy the same experience as regular wine, which sometimes costs a lot more.

However, there are still options out there that are a bit expensive. Some non-alcoholic wine bottles in the market begin at $250 to $300 per bottle. Take note that these products are still alcohol-free, but not all of them. It would be up to you to check out which one is which.

On Expiration

You can open a bottle of non-alcoholic wine at any time. But keep in mind the five-day rule. A bottle is secure and safe from expiration as long as it is sealed tight. But things will take a turn after you open a bottle, and opening one will make nature take its course. 

The bottle will be susceptible to air and other compounds, reducing the duration, and it will deteriorate in time, like most items, such as perishable goods and other drinks. So once you open one, you better finish it in less than a week, regardless if you keep it in the fridge.

You can take note of signs that your non-alcoholic wine is about to spoil. The first thing you have to do is check the color. In addition, be on the lookout for bubbles or an unsavory smell. Better switch to a new one once you notice at least one or two of these factors.

One More Thing

It is one thing to have an alcoholic beverage. You can still enjoy these drinks in moderation. But with non-alcoholic wine products, you can have them anytime and anywhere. Not only do you not need to worry about getting drunk, but you also get to blend in with the crowd.