Has the idea that the planet Earth is degrading fast ever worried you? If yes then you must have thought about ways to save this beautiful planet. There are many options to do this, and the best option is the one in which you recycle the old things. The world works on the 3Rs that are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The first step is to reduce the consumption of goods that are harmful to the environment. The second R focuses on recycling the older products so that you can reduce the litter and the third R is the one that can lead you to some very amazing ideas. You can look for recycling options for the products, like; it would be amazing to go for recyclable Creative Ideas for Cigar Boxes that would help you use them productively.

Is there some limit to reusing the boxes?

There is no limit to reusing the boxes for converting them into something more amazing. You can always come up with some idea to use the boxes in a very good way. Furthermore, you may use some add-ons with the box to make it look a little more attractive. It is also a very idea to paint the box and use some beads for creating a very good design on it. This will make the box amazing, and the product that you are making from it would be all the more useful.

The following are the various recycling options that a person may use for designing the box and converting it into something fantastic.

Make a pen holder:

If you have a box that is quite elongated, then you can remove its lid to convert it into a penholder. It will help you keep all your pens in one place and will be a very good addition to your study table. You can cover the pen holder with some gift paper so that it would look very good. Moreover, you can also add some beads and flowers to the penholder so that it would look amazing. 

Make some toys for children:

You can also make a little toy for children using the box. You may paint the box in some bright color and attach a little cardboard on the sides to make its hands and feet. Then you can make small eyes and a cute smiley on the box. This would convert the box into a cute toy that can be used for entertaining children. 

Make decoration items:

You can also use the box to make various sorts of decorative items for the house. You may cover the box with artificial flowers of various colors. This would create a very pretty bouquet that one can place in the living room. Moreover, if the box is transparent, then you can fill it with some glittery substance and place a small candle on top of it. This would make a very fascinating piece of decoration when you would light the candle.  

Make a jewellery box:

If you paint cigar boxes with bright colors, then they can be converted into some amazing jewellery boxes. These boxes are often quite spacious and hence, one can place anything in them. If the color is already bright, you can attach some piece of an old jewellery item to the box. This would make the box all the more attractive and would help you keep the jewellery items safe and sound. Moreover, you can also make compartments in the box by using cardboard pieces. You can place every jewellery item in a separate compartment. If you have a small lock from some older box, you can also place it on the box as it would help you make a very cute box.

Use as a storage box:

This is also a very good option to use the boxes for storing other items. You may use the box to store any item depending upon the size of the box and the product that you want to store. If you have a child who loves to play with toys of very small size, you can place them all in the box to save them. This would keep them in one place. Hence, these options would help you make amazing storage boxes to keep your products. 

Make a wall hanging:

You can make an amazing wall hanging by using a box. If you have a sliding wooden box, you can slide the lid on one side and hang the box on the wall. You may cover the base of the box with some colorful paper or write some quotations on it. In this way, when you place many boxes near one another, it would look very cool. You can also place something on these wall hangings, like some books or other items of very small size. 

Make a small case:

You can also make a small case from the box. This is more possible if the box is rectangular and has the size of that of a suitcase. You can attach holding on its top and also cover its insides with some cloth so that it would look good. Now, you can place anything in the box, like your wallet, keys, some books, etc. You can even use this box for travelling to some nearby places. Such small suitcases also fascinate children, and they may also use them during their playtime. 

Hence, all these are the options that you can do with the boxes to recycle them and make amazing things from them. Moreover, in addition to this, you may also think about some out-of-the-box ideas to do with the packaging to save it from wasting away. Boxes are very important to transport products very safely from one place to another. But it is often seen that once their purpose is complete, people just throw them away. Now, there is a need to save the boxes and make them into amazing items. This would help you make a very productive application of your time. It would also help you make some incredible things.