Is Pittsburgh’s night bar closed? What is the controversial Skybar Foxtail video? When there are newsworthy stories or events, many queries flood the internet. After a viral video, Pittsburgh’s night club shut down.

Many customers of the night club in the United States are curious to learn more about the reasons and how they closed down operations. You might find it helpful to continue scrolling to read about Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh.

Are the Skybar Foxtail’s operations now closed?

Mayor Ed Gainey’s administration seems to have made the decision to close Pittsburgh’s Foxtail Skybar after a virtual meeting with the Department of Public Safety and South Side entrepreneurs. According to some reports, the owners of the businesses cited an increase in crime in their neighborhood and asked the police for help in dealing with the issue of young patrons. One business owner also requested an “underage curfew”.

According to local authorities, they have solved similar problems at nearby bars. They are said to have guarded troublesome areas and been close to troublesome business.

Skybar Pittsburgh Viral video:

On Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, a video purporting that it shows improper conduct at Foxtail and Skybar quickly went viral on social media. The news spread that the South Side’s renowned nightclub would be closing until further notice. It coincides with ongoing debates between the city and neighborhood activists about safety in the neighborhood.

One of the most prominent nightlife districts is one that can be worried about gunshots or other similar situations. In a press release, the owners stated that the closure was caused by an environment that has been unpredictable to the point that it has created troublesome clients.

Skybar Foxtail Pittsburgh :

Due to viral footage, a well-known Pittsburgh night bar was featured in the news. The video, however, was widely shared on social media. Because of its inappropriate content, the video was taken down from all social media platforms.

Was Foxtail’s owner announcing this?

Foxtail owners stated that they are primarily concerned about the safety and welfare of their employees and visitors. After re-examination, the Skybar/ Foxtail owners decided to stop operations at the site. They did not mention the Skybar Pittsburgh Viral Video.

South Side’s night-industry business climate has led to less instability and a weaker consumer base. They will be happy to return to the public domain once a solution has been found to the problems plaguing the area.

If you are a frequent customer of Skybar and Foxtail, you can still wait until their next notice.


A viral video involving Foxtail/ Skybar was recently shared on many social media platforms. However, the owners didn’t address concerns about the video. They announced that they would close the operation until further notice.