If you’re looking for a new bra, but can’t make it to the store because of a busy schedule or maybe you’re just too shy to face the judgmental glances of lingerie shop assistants, there’s no need to worry — shopping online is an excellent alternative. Here are some tips on how to buy a sports bra online, so that you can get the right size and style without feeling pressured.

Take measurements.

It’s important to take your bra measurements so that you know what size to order. Try measuring your breasts at their fullest point, starting at the main part of your breasts and ending at the nipple. You should also measure around the fullest part of your rib cage and where the band hooks on you, as well as the depth between your breasts. Take measurements at the start of the day, as your body will deflate during the day.

Find a bra that fits.

Once you determine your size, you need to find a style that is comfortable and does not feel like it’s about to burst out of your clothes. Make sure that there is enough fabric in the band, so that it does not dig into your skin or put pressure on your breast tissue.

Know a brand that fits you best.

The most searched style in the lingerie industry is the push-up bra, so see if you can find one that fits you well and is comfortable before you buy a sports bra online. Most lingerie stores have a wide selection of bras from different brands, so narrowing down your choice will be easier.

Buy from reputable stores.

There are tons of online lingerie stores, but a lot of them do not legitimately sell authentic products; only buy from well-known stores to avoid being disappointed later on. If you’re looking to buy sports bras online, then make sure that the store actually stocks them before buying anything.

Read reviews and descriptions carefully.

It’s important to watch out for any negative feedback about the store or the bra, as this may provide signs that your bra is defective. Read the reviews provided by previous customers, so you know if you’re buying from a reliable place or not.

Know what to look for.

Before buying, read the descriptions and reviews of the different bras that are available in your size to see if there are any complaints and how they were addressed with similar issues.

Check the price.

If there are not a lot of other bras available that match your size and style, you may be able to get them online for cheaper than you would find in a store. Check out a few sites before deciding on the best one where to buy sports bra online.

Read the return policy.

If in case there is something wrong with your purchase, you want to know your rights. Some sites allow you to return the bra and get a replacement within 30 days of purchase; this will give you time to test it out and make sure that it is comfortable for you.


It’s a great idea to shop for bras online. With a little research, you can achieve the perfect fit and comfort. A lot of online lingerie stores offer a lot of discounts and deals that are hard to ignore. If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will be able to buy exactly what you want without any issues.