Sitting at a blackjack table, you’re probably expecting to have a great experience and win a little bit of money as you go. To achieve either of these, you need to remind yourself of certain simple rules relating to the game and your behavior. 

Some of these things might be quite obvious to the more experienced blackjack player, whereas beginners may find them to be quite useful when implementing gameplay. 

If you have any plans to play blackjack in person or online, there are a few things to consider before you sit down and begin.

Don’t Bring Emotions To The Table

As with any other casino game, you should always avoid bringing emotions with you to the blackjack table. It’s actually a very important rule as no player wants to be sat next to someone who is either very upset or angry at the fact they are losing. 

Not only do heightened emotions tend to throw everyone at the table off their game, but they could make for a generally unpleasant environment. 

Regardless of whether these extreme emotions belong to you or someone else, they have the potential to bring down the atmosphere at the table. They could also impact the way you play.

Don’t Hand Money Directly To The Dealer

There are a lot of things to remember when you’re first learning how to play blackjack. But knowing not to hand money directly to the dealer is one of the most important!

When you first hit a blackjack table, you’ll need to exchange your cash for a stack of chips. To do this, you must place your money on the table in front of where you are sitting. Do not hand the money directly to the dealer. The money must be placed down so the dealer can easily pick it up and count it out in front of the cameras.

Don’t Stack Your Bet Incorrectly

This particular skill will be like second nature for more experienced blackjack players, but anyone can forget it as it’s an easy skill to overlook. You will want your highest-value chips to be at the bottom of the stack and then the lowest value chips at the top. Doing so will help the dealer to count your bet quicker which makes for a more efficient game.

Don’t Touch The Cards

Put simply, you must do everything in your power to avoid having to touch the cards at a blackjack table. It’s a pretty straightforward rule that has been put in place to prevent cheating but is one that must be obeyed regardless of where you are in the world. This is because players can disrupt the flow of a game or cause unnecessary upset by touching the cards. 

Don’t Clutter The Table

Another thing you definitely shouldn’t do at a blackjack table is clutter the table. This means you must keep any personal items such as tablets, wallets, and purses off the table at all times. You can, however, keep them on your person – provided they are kept out of the way and out of sight from other players. 

If you have a drink, you should use the drink holder provided by the casino rather than placing it on the table itself.

Don’t Interrupt A Game

A lot of blackjack tables will not encourage players to join in the middle of a game. If you want to buy in, you will have to wait to exchange cash for chips with the dealer at the table.  

When the time comes, all you need to do is place your currency on the table. Your chips will then be counted and moved back around the table in separate stacks. As the player, you have to double-check the number of chips that have been won.

Don’t Blame Others For Your Losses

You also shouldn’t blame other players if you’re on a losing streak. This is something that a lot of players will do if they don’t want to admit that they lost a hand or played wrong, but should really be avoided at all costs. After all, you can’t predict the overall outcome of a blackjack hand! If you could, you’d never lose. 


Blackjack is often seen as a complex game with lots of things to remember. As long as you abide by the rules and don’t bring negative energy or talk to the table, you’ll have a successful game of blackjack regardless if you win or lose.