Whether you enjoy staying active or relaxing on vacation, a cruise ship offers an exciting way to travel. With endless activities onboard and unique destinations, you will discover tons of cruises to choose from. Plan your perfect cruise vacation using these helpful tips.

Book Your Cruise

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a vacation is arranging transportation and accommodations. Once you figure out where you want to stay, you’ll need to plan out activities and things to do. This can be especially difficult when traveling with a large group. Luckily, family cruises from Miami are inexpensive and very easy to plan. When you book a group cruise, you may find additional perks and discounts. Although rates vary between cruise lines, many offer great prices per person and may even let kids sail for free or at a discounted rate. All you need to do is pick your destination, choose a cabin and itinerary, and pack your bags. Cruises have just about everything you need onboard including shops, laundry facilities, and a medical center.

What To Do

There are plenty of amenities available on cruise ships to keep everyone you are traveling with happy. Join your family for a night of bingo or bowling. Hit the casino with your spouse while your kids attend a concert. When you need some time alone, pamper yourself at the spa or sign up for individual yoga classes. Cruise ships are very family-friendly and offer a variety of activities onboard for kids of all ages. Most cruise lines will have swimming pools, video games, and special areas for teenagers to hang out. Some cruise lines include special attractions like onboard water slides, zip lines, rock climbing walls, and surfing lessons. You might also find educational lectures, creative classes, game nights, and live performances. When it comes to dining you will likely have your choice between a casual buffet, room service, or fancier sit-down restaurants.

What To Wear

When packing for a cruise, try to keep your items contained to two suitcases per person. Bring plenty of items you can wear to dress in layers or mix and match. Be flexible with your wardrobe. Wear casual clothes during the day to relax and save formal outfits for evenings and events. Casual attire can include a mix of sundresses, jeans, or shorts with an arrangement of shirts and tanks. When it comes to formal attire, you can always consult with the cruise line about the appropriate dress code and style. Depending on how fancy you decide to get, you might decide to bring a formal gown and tuxedo. Make sure to bring appropriate outerwear for the climate you are traveling to. A cruise to Alaska may call for heavy waterproof jackets, winter hats, and gloves. If your cruise is headed to the Bahamas, don’t forget sun hats and baseball caps for added sun protection.

Accessories To Pack

Stick to functional accessories that go with your outfits. Bring flip-flops for the pool deck and comfortable shoes for walking on long excursions when your ship is in port. While you explore excursions, wear a wristwatch so you know what time you need to return to your ship. Always have a pair of sunglasses with you and keep them in a protective case when not in use. A tote bag is essential for carrying smaller items like your glasses, sunscreen, lip balm, and souvenirs. Pack a poncho or umbrella in case of unexpected rain. Bring plastic zip-top bags for waterproof storage when going to the beach. If you are bringing fine jewelry for your formal outfits, make sure you keep it locked in the safe in your cabin. Consider swapping your wallet for a money belt to store cash and important documents like your passport, boarding passes, maps, and travel guides.  

Cruises offer a fun, all-inclusive type of vacation your entire family can enjoy. Review these guidelines before planning your next family vacation at sea.