Saaending a gift to your mom on the occasion of mother’s day is such a thoughtful idea that it would make your mother feel special. There are some standard gifts that people give to their mothers, like flowers and chocolates, but some other gifts symbolise emotions of filial piety. They will remind your mother how much you love her throughout her life. This is where gifting plants come in. Plants are crucial in designing any living space — and you don’t necessarily need to pay an arm and a leg to get the right kind. Gifting plants is turning into a favourable development. On account of botany being a science, plant gifting has turned into a hit in current years. There are many reasons why plants should be a part of your decor, and which ones you should get:

  1. Lucky Bamboo:
    The Lucky Bamboo plant is often used to symbolise growth in certain Asian cultures. Lucky Bamboo plants bring prosperity, good health and good luck to the owners. The plant has found its way into global living rooms, where it acts as a conversation starter and an ornamental addition. The Lucky Bamboo, also known as the “Floating Bamboo,” is one of the most well-known indoor plants. It grows in water and needs to be placed near a light source to thrive. Lucky Bamboo provides air purification and is said to bring good luck and fortune to its owner.
  2. Jade Plant:
    Jade Plant is a succulent with beautiful thick leaves which feature a dark green shade with white banding. When exposed to bright sunlight, Jade Plant improves its appearance and does well in low-humidity areas.  It is reasonably easy to grow and propagate, making it a popular indoor plant worldwide. The lush leaves begin as small pinched off bulbs on top of a plant stem but can grow up to 12 inches long as the plant matures. The Jade plant is known for the air purifying quality of its leaves, which can absorb ammonia and other chemicals. It also makes good indoor plants with attractive green leaves and an overabundance of white flowers. 
  3. Syngonium Plant:
    Syngonium Plant is a tropical plant that belongs to the Araceae family. It is also referred to as the Arrowhead plant. It does not contain any other familiar names. There are more than 100 varieties of Syngonium plants, but only a few are grown for their ornamental value. The leaves of these plants are generally arrow-shaped with a pointed tip and a heart-shaped base. Most of their leaves have a glossy appearance, and much like most plants, they are edible and can be used as leafy greens. Of all the species, a highly ornamental variety is S. spp Narrow Leaf Ivy Plants which can grow up to 30cm high. Shaped like spears, its leaves are about 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide when fully grown. These leaves are often compared to those of the snake plant because they do not possess strong colours, but their glazed appearance makes them look attractive to home gardeners.
  4. Snake Plant:
    You must definitely consider the snake plant if you love gardens and plants. The plant is known for its unique visual appearance and is typically used as a decorative item in furniture and indoor design. However, these attractive plants are not just limited to indoor décor but can also be grown outdoors. Due to its exceptional resistance to adverse environmental conditions and easy to grow features, this type of plant has become hugely popular among humans looking for indoor decorative plants capable of adapting to different environments.
  5. Aglaonema Plant:
    Aglaonema Plant is a flowering crop that could be present in offices, workplaces, and normal properties. Your home garden might be an exceptional place for planting this beautiful plant. Aglaonema Plant is also consulted with as a Chinese umbrella plant or Chinese evergreen.

Mother’s Day is when you can tell your mom, grandmother or any other woman in her life just how much she means to you. That special lady has shown sheer grit and determination in bringing you up and ensuring that all your needs are met. You may forget, but she indeed hasn’t. So if you want to show her just how much you appreciate her, send her gifts. With so many gifts on the web offering very attractive discounts, your task of choosing the right one will be challenging. So, here were the Top 5 Plants to gift your mother. Plants make the best Mother’s Day Gifts. You can easily buy these mothers day plants online and surprise your mom like never before!