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Did you know that mass messages were being circulated in the United States giving the impression that your US Bank account was locked? Did you hear about a recent data breach What were the data breach investigations findings?

We’ll show you how to spot fake or fraudulent messages from the US Bank. To learn more about Us Bank Text Scam, please read the entire article.


US Bank has received text messages from several customers. This is an age-old trick that causes panic and creates a sense of urgency in account holders.

The data breach at the US Bank affected approximately 1.5 million accounts on June 20, 2022. People want to know all the details about the text messages sent by the US Bank.

The SMS contained a message informing the customer that their account was locked. They must use Us Bank SMS Message Scam to unlock their account. This scam is designed to steal user account information.

How can you spot scam messages?

US Bank sends its customers messages related to these categories:

  1. Alerts about your account balance
  2. Information about ATM and credit card transactions
  3. Alerts about ATM and credit card alerts
  4. Security Alerts
  5. Bill Pay Alerts
  6. Zelle Alerts,
  7. Branch eReceipts

US Bank does NOT send text messages asking for your personal, SSN or payment information. It is considered phishing if you are asked to enter your details.

Avoiding Us Bank Text Fraud :

You can block or receive specific alerts from US Bank. These messages can be reported by calling 1 (877)595-6256. Do not access third-party websites links.


Any message containing information about missed bills, unanticipated charges, denied credit, unsolicited debit cards or credit cards, or collection calls. It requests you to complete a survey and verify your account. You should confirm it with US Bank customer support by calling 1 (800) US-BANKS.

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