Honor Band 6, a smart band suffering from identity extremity. While this is surely a smart band, it looks like a traditional blockish watch, albeit in a lower shape. The size of the watch is about4.2 cm *2.4 cm and the screen size is1.47 elevation which is claimed by Honor. It isn’t a trivial matter that this is a beautiful device, veritably different from what you generally get for a smart band. Although it’s still a smart band, with a screen that’s important wider than utmost other smart bands like MI Bands or Honors former bands. There’s a big difference between Honor Band 5 and 6, especially in the external part. Honor Band 5, MI Band 5, MI Band 6 all have this long display and body with thin strips. Band 6, on the other hand, still has thin strips, but the watch body is significantly wider and the watch consistence is less. It’s veritably light and looks like the case is made of essence with a soft fleece of micro-textured makeup. Visit here to get the honor 6 along with amazing features and benefits.

Honor and 6 polyurethane features

The swatch that comes with the Honor Band 6 feels more like polyurethane than silicone and hurts if you strain it on your wrist. Some people may get itchy from the swatch as I’ve seen in numerous discussion groups. But, if you aren’t antipathetic to it, it’s relatively comfortable and fits any size of wrist. While there are a many first party and third party color options and material options for the leash, the body comes in only one color and that’s black. 

Print courtesy Niven 

Now, it doesn’t support emojis and you need to install a separate operation on your phone to break the problem of rendering emojis on Honor Band 6. But, there’s always further textbook in one scene and a wider display to see further textbook as well. One plus 

Honor Band 6 heart rate examiner 

The heart rate examiner is always on 24 hours and gives you a map of your heart rate for the day. This is relatively accurate and can warn you to abnormal heartbeat. However, it’ll automatically cover your heart rate and register heart rate or fat burning heart rate data, if you walk or run. It also measures your heart rate during your drill. Speaking of exercise, there are 10 different exercise modes and you can customize exercise by telephoning time, distance and calorie targets. 

Honor Band 6 features SPO2 

 The SPO2 examiner is more accurate than a devoted oximeter, which is good enough for a smart band. This is a bit more accurate than MI Band 6. But, as always, these bias aren’t medically approved and you should only use the Honor Band 6 readings as a reference. A devoted oximeter with a more accurate SPO2 detector will give you more accurate readings, but what the Honor Band 6 provides is veritably close. 

Cover the stress position in Honor Band 6 

 The stress position examiner frequently monitors your stress and shows you a map with 24 hour readings. This works most of the time if you calibrate it rightly and you can only spark homemade stress tests from the Health app.