Undoubtedly, bongs are the best tools for smoking dry herbs. They make smoking smooth and easy as they deliver great flavors and hits. However, the size of a bong makes it difficult for you to enjoy your sessions on the go. For this reason, the bubbler is the best choice for using on the move.

Bubblers are just like bongs in that they diffuse the smoke to deliver smooth hits. However, the two differ in size, meaning the bongs are larger than the bubbler pipes. In this article, we will talk about why a bubbler is an ideal travel companion. Read on to find out more.

What is a bubbler?

Before going deeper into why you should choose a bubbler for smoking, it is essential to understand what it is. It is a device that requires water to cool smoke or steam to provide buttery-smooth hits. Since bubblers are small in size, they offer excellent portability convenience, and you can use them anywhere, discreetly.

As mentioned earlier, a bubbler pipe is similar to a bong, with the size being the primary difference. It features a mouthpiece, stem, bowl, and water chamber. Here, the mouthpiece is non-removable and comes with a carburetor.

Most bubbler pipes feature a glass construction and are designed to offer stealth smoking. They come in various designs and colors to suit different preferences. What’s more, they are used for smoking herbs (mostly called flowers), oils, and concentrates.

Types of bubblers

Like bongs, bubbler pipes come in various designs. All in all, they are small units used for smoking dry herbs in a much-improved way. Let’s look at the types available to help you choose your pick.

  1. Sherlock

It is a  pipe that resembles the tobacco pipe that the fictional character Sherlock Holmes held on the cover of a novel. It is characterized by an ‘S’ design to enable smooth smoking. It is highly compact for stealth smoking. Additionally, it is a conventional device that is extremely easy to use, and its design allows it to stand alone on a particular surface.

  1. Hammer

This type looks like a small hammer with a design that allows it to stand on a flat surface. If you are tired of pipes rolling every time they are on a surface, then the hammer type is your ideal go-to. It features a flat bottom that ensures not to tip over when on a flat surface.

  1. Pendant

It is the smallest of all bubbler pipes, featuring a tiny hole or ring that allows you to attach to a chain. Everything about the pendant is small, including the bowl, and is ideal for people who enjoy discreet smoking. You can wear it around your neck as an accessory to use discretely and on the go.

  1. Sidecar

This type comes with a mouthpiece and stem adhering to the side of the water compartment. The design is ideal as it prevents water splash-back.

  1. Double bubbler

As the name suggests, a double bubbler consists of two chambers. It is also called a dual percolator. It is the perfect tool for delivering cleaner smokes as the chambers filter out the smoke twice to ensure cooler and cleaner flavors and hits.

  1. Concentrate

It is a smoking tool that allows you to enjoy oils and concentrates. It is similar to a dab rig but with a smaller design. You can also use bubblers to smoke concentrates and oils using a concentrate pipe.

Reasons that Make Bubblers Ideal Travel Companions

  • Smoother hits

There are plenty of clear benefits that come with using bubblers. For starters, they provide a smooth smoking experience that enables smokers to enjoy every session. Users inhale clean and active ingredients since the water in the bowl cools and eliminate roughness while smoking. So, when you are traveling, you can easily take a hit from this device and enjoy the best smoking session on the go. Smoking from a bubbler pipe is a healthier way to enjoy your hits.

  • Portability

Bongs are usually ideal for delivering smoother hits. However, due to their large design, they are not easy to carry around. Thankfully, glass bubblers are tiny solutions enabling you to carry easily. They are resilient and functional, ensuring you get the best smoking experience while on the move. Bubbler pipes are small enough to fit into the palm and extremely lightweight.

  • Discrete smoking

Not everyone appreciates public smoking. As such, bubbler pipes come in handy given their miniature design. You can easily place it in your hand and take a hit discretely without anyone noticing. Since you are taking in smooth hits, the smoke that comes out is equally smooth and almost unnoticeable.

  • Easy to use

While traveling, you don’t need a device that is complicated to set up and use. That is why having a bubbler is ideal. It is small and offers straightforward functioning. It doesn’t require a different power source or intricate preparation. All you have to do is connect it to a vaporizer and fill it with water to have your bubbler pipe ready for use.

  • Beautiful design

Bubbler pipes offer excellent aesthetics when it comes to design. For this reason, many users choose them as beautiful additions to their accessories. Users can easily take out their bubblers and smoke with confidence since they look so good.

Final Words

Having a bubbler pipe will enable you to enjoy smoking while on the move. Bubblers have revolutionized how many people smoke weed and deliver smooth hits every time. To enjoy portability convenience, having a bubbler is your best bet. What’s more, they are easy to use and offer discrete and stealth smoking.

However, a bubbler is not easy, yet it requires regular cleaning. The small parts make it difficult to get your cleaning items in. All in all, these devices are an excellent choice for people who don’t like to miss their smoking sessions while traveling. You can go ahead and try this portable device for the best traveling and smoking experience.