Do you know that the official certified as the oldest person in the world passed away at the age of 119? According to the report, Tanaka was the officially certified oldest woman of the world born in 1903 and then she passed away on the 19th of April, 2022 when she was declared dead at 119.

She was well-known across her home country of the United States for being the holder of the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living being. Following the World’s Oldest Person died all took to the social media to grieve the lost soul.

Who Was Kane Tanaka and How She Died?

Kane Tanaka was the super-centenarian from Japan and also the world’s longest and longest-certified person living after the passing of Chiyo Miyako on the 22nd of July 2018. She was the longest-living person in Japan and was the second oldest person in the world.

Tanaka had been suffering severe health issues, and she was admitted to hospital several times as she was suffering from Paratyphoid Fever. In 2006 her diagnosis was Colorectal Cancer and defeated it following surgery at the age of 103. In the end, she passed away due to her illness and age at the age of 119.

When Did the Oldest Person in the World Died ?

Kane Tanaka was the oldest living person alive today since her birth date was the 2nd of January 1903 when the Wright brothers took their plane for the very first time. Tanaka was recognized as being the longest-lived person on earth through Guinness World Records in 2019.

Tanaka suffered from different health issues as of her final days, she lived in a nursing facility. On April 13 her adopted daughter posted that on Twitter it was her medical condition wasn’t in good shape and she was hospitalized and discharged multiple times.

On April 19, 2022 The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced in an announcement that the most senior person in the world passed away at the age of 119. After the announcement, Guinness World Records took the social media to offer their condolences. Others were following the tweet to grieve and pay tribute to the soul that has passed away.

How People Reacted to the News?

When the statement was announced The entire United States took the social media platform to grieve and pay tribute to the most senior person on earth. The statement confirms that she passed away in Japan in the year 2000, and then one of the most elderly people on earth passed away.

Many people re-tweeted and responded to the tweet and pay tribute to the deceased soul. Guinness World Records also posted an official tweet on their page to express their sorrow and announce that the the world’s oldest person has passed away..


The news is spreading across the internet regarding the oldest woman, or the most senior person, who passed away recently on April 19th, aged 119. It is Kane Tanaka, who died at the age of 119, and has the Guinness World Record for being the oldest living person on earth in the year 2019.

Then, she passed away on the 19th day of April and the Ministry’s official declaration confirms that she was the World’s Oldest Person passed away at the age of 119.