What are delta 8 moon rocks? 

In order to understand the delta-8 moon rock and delta-8, you’ll be able to comprehend the significance of delta-8 THC initially. Delta-8 is tetrahydrocannabinol that is present in cannabis and hemp that’s quite similar to delta-9, which is the main psychoactive component in cannabis. Delta-9 gives you a pleasant and mellow feeling, but it may cause anxiety and anxiety in the event of smoking marijuana. Compared to Delta-8, Delta-8 offers a more pleasant experience that does not cause the same anxiety and fear.

How To Smoke Delta-8 Moon Rock

You might be wondering if the method of smoking delta-8 moon rocks is similar to smoking traditional flowers (it can be). Maybe you’re unfamiliar with smoking any type of flower and require some direction before you begin smoking and inhaling substances. Whatever the case, this short and simple instruction on smoking moon delta stones can be helpful for you.

1. Make sure it’s not ground up.

The moon rock stands out immediately from the traditional flower. Although you might be tempted to use a grinder or break the bud using your fingers, however, you should not do either since you’ll be losing a lot of the kief, and possibly some distillate should you choose to try it. Instead, use a sharp knife or razor to break the bud into small pieces.

Step 2: Fill Your Pipe

The sticky properties of delta-8 moonstones can make them difficult to smoke without blocked pipes, which is why it is recommended to take your bong or pipe light. It is also important to note that a medium-sized bowl could be the most effective method of enjoying the moonstones as it can help you save your stash by giving you better control over the amount you smoke at once. Larger bowls could be a bonfire in a short time.

Step 3. 

The moon rocks of the Delta-8 are extremely potent which means you don’t have to be reckless for your first time. Start small and gradually is the gist. If you don’t think you’re feeling anything, you should be certain to set an interval of at least 20 minutes prior to going forward and give it a go.

Step 4: Smoke It

When you’re ready, turn your lights on, then place it on your moon rock and then pull it gently until your lungs are filled with smoke. Inhale, release, repeat. Also, expect to exhale a huge cloud as the distillate will produce some smoke.

Bonus Tip: Place it on top of the CBD flower

The difficulty of getting the dense and sticky delta-8 moonstones to burn is easily overcome by placing them on top of freshly crushed CBD flowers. If you do this, you will get an easier and more smooth smoking experience.

How Can I Buy Delta-8 Moon Rocks

As you can see, making delta-8 moon rocks can be an extremely difficult process even for those who are experienced. As you’re likely far from being your typical George Clooney of legal cannabinoids (but you never can say for sure?) it’s probably best to purchase your delta-8 moon rock from a supplier with the experience and equipment needed to create the top-quality flower products you’re seeking.

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