Did you have the idea that plastic surgery could aid shape your body? Many tourists who come from United States and Canada choose to visit the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery because of its cost. However, numerous fatalities have been reported due an operation that was plastic in the last few years.

Plastic surgeries carried out by Dr. Jose Desena had high rate of deaths and failures. We will review the details below. the Dr Jose Desena Dominican Republic Reviews.

A brief introduction to plastic Surgery:

There are many surgeons who have been rebuked within the Dominican Republic performing plastic surgery. In the same way certain surgeons put their lives at risk for their patients and ended up losing their reputations. Dr. Jose Desena is one such surgeon, who has been criticised for his inexperience and recklessness.

It is important to note that plastic surgery requires careful focus because it comes with a number of dangers, including blood loss falling in BP and eventually death. Inexperience of the surgeon could cause injury to the nerve, damage to organs and complications from anesthesia. blood clotting, serious infections, development of blood pockets, swelling and uncontrollable pain.

Dr Desena Deaths:

One of Dr. Jose’s clients, Cristal Jones, had to undergo plastic surgery since her body was afflicted with 3rd-degree burns. She filed a complaint because she had informed Dr. Jose that her injuries were minimal and she did not take her case seriously and, as a result, was terribly hurt after the procedure.

A woman had sought out Dr. Jose in July of 2020, during the outbreak of plastic surgery. She passed away after the procedure was completed. The body was not released. In the majority of cases the causes of death were reported by the medical community as having natural cause. In the same way, Dr Jose Desena Dominican Republic Reviewsdetermined that more than 1,000 patients died since Dr. Jose did the surgery.

Exercise can help shape and strengthen your body. However, in certain regions, surgery may be necessary. These areas include shaping the chin, nose, cheeks, for example. While the USA is considered to be the most desirable nation for plastic surgery, it comes with huge expenses which is why people choose to DO.

Why people prefer Dominican Republic:

All kinds of Plastic Surgery are available at a 40 percent to 80% less costs at the Dominican Republic(DO). For instance, BA costs approximately $7,000 in the US but only $2,000 in DO. Dr. Jose Desena Dominican Republic Reviews discovered that a facelift can cost $19,000 US as well as $3,000 within the Dominican Republic. In the same way as BBL is a BBL cost only the equivalent of $6,000 for DO.


According to online sources, because of the high rate of deaths and surgical failures by Dr. Jose Dr Jose, members of the DO are requesting the denial of his medical practitioner certificate and asking for his exile.