New World Account Owners: New World was launched in late 2021. The player is taken on an adventure into the ever-changing world of Aeternum. New World allows players to explore the world and find new weapons and places to fight with.

As more players join, the world of Aeternum changes constantly. To keep New World functioning properly, the developers will be adding new content and making balance adjustments. The game’s systems will be updated and there will be exciting new content.

Summer Medleyfaire Event

New World launched a Public Test Realm server (PTR) last June 23 to introduce the Summer Medleyfaire event. This event adds a festive atmosphere to the game amid the chaos. There are quests that the Maestro, an NPC, will help you complete. To increase their reputation and receive rewards, the quests lead the player to fish for fishes they can return to the Maestro.

New World will also be introduced to musical instruments through the event. Musical instruments are Trade Skills, which players can use individually or together to perform various tasks. These instruments require songs which can be obtained by players traveling across the map collecting pages. Gamers can also obtain 31 songs in total. Gamers can also get unique event song sheets and equipment to complete the event missions.

The F5 key is the base key set that can be used to create devices. Gamers get level boosts and experience points for singing or playing an item in a song. You will get more benefits if you play more (e.g., a higher artistic skill level in a trade). Gamers who enjoy the show can also gain buffs and the ability to tip their talented performers.

Expedition Updates

The major change to the game’s Expedition system is one of the most important. Expeditions are New World’s version of dungeons. Players will be sent to Aeternum’s most dangerous areas to confront new threats and learn more about the game’s history. Account owners in New World can create a team up to five people to tackle Expeditions. Each Expedition will have its unique story and reward.

This update introduces the Black Powder Expedition and Barnacles, where players will face Admiral Blackpowder and crew. You can find the entrance to this Expedition at the south end of Cutlass Keys.

The Expeditions in New World are changing as well. The game features an Expedition Mutators system. This affects enemies in Expeditions. Players must plan carefully and adjust their gameplay accordingly. Three new mutations have been added to the current rotation: Oppressive, Frenzied, and Icebound.

Tuning Orbs have been removed from Expeditions. Tuning Orbs were used to enter Expeditions before this update. You can obtain them by crafting them from Stonecutter’s Bench. Each tuning orb requires a certain level Stonecutting skill.

All players can now access Expeditions because the Tuning Orbs have been removed. The developers have set a limit of 15 Expeditions per day for Normal Expeditions and 105 per week to Mutated Expeditions. Mutated Expeditions can only be run 25 times per week. Each Tuning Orb that an New World account owner has made will be replaced by a cache which awards loot according to the Turning Orb’s table.

The loot from Expeditions has been rebalanced, as they are now easily accessible. The gold gained from expeditions is now less, but you can still get more gold from elite chests or breach completion bonuses. Materia was also added to the update. This resource can be used for crafting Expedition drops. You can get Materia by salvaging items from Expeditions, or defeating the Expedition’s main boss. Each Expedition will have its own Materia.

Mutator Expeditions’ loot tables have been adjusted to allow lower-level completions to access more rewards. All Mutator Expeditions now drop all three types of accessories. Previously, there were only two.

The overall loot quality has been improved and now depends on the player’s level of expertise/level. This means that higher-level players are more likely get Epic or Rare loot. There are now more chances for higher-level loot to drop from lower-level enemies. Higher quality items will have more stat combinations. Items that aren’t named have random perks. The perks have been rebalanced. Developers stated that they have improved over 150 perks in order to make them more useful and viable than more powerful perks.

With the introduction of Perfect Salvage, the update improves looting salvaging. Each time a player uses an object, they can finish a Great Salvage. This will provide study materials or supplies for the Crafting Profession Skill to craft new world items.