Who is a makeup artist?

Makeup is a professional discipline that hides appearance flaws and highlights positives through use of cosmetics as well as other procedures, thus leading to the person’s makeover. A makeup artist is adept at understanding of colours and its affect on appearances besides being a specialist in airbrushing, special effects, prosthetics or high definition and other diverse makeup application techniques. He is in great demand in performing arts like theatre, films etc. along with fashion shows and during festive occasions, marriages etc. Makeup artist services are much sought after in characterization since it helps to bring alive the director’s as well as the fashion designers vision so that they can present their concepts to public. 

In order to be a success, makeup artist must adhere to following discipline:

Build his following skills:

  • Networking, Communication & interpersonal skills to seek business and build clientele. Additionally, comprehend client’s specific requirements, concerns and offer good customer service so as to ensure repeat business and referrals from existing clients. He also needs to work with teams from other related fields and explain the client brief so as to ensure flawless output. To enhance his revenue, he needs to interact with other stakeholders as well as vendors so as to secure the best deal at low costs. 
  • Creative & Sketching skills: As per the client’s brief, a makeup artist must come up with innovative/creative solutions and must be adept at sketching so as to explain the solution/idea for client’s approval. 
  • Organizational skills are required to handle multiple projects, manage individual briefs, and handle concerns, diverse teams and supplies in addition to deadlines. 
  • Practice Makeup skills: Must practice to perfect skills in addition to incorporating new trends and techniques in his arsenal.    

Register for a makeup artist course: 

 The students must enroll into a college that offers overview of makeup artist certification course, basically takes you through the content, offers a trial class and also explains about the competencies the student will be equipped on course completion. 

The curriculum must offer students an in-depth understanding of the profession and must assist student in gaining not only knowledge about skin care, facial anatomy, color theory, hair types, skin science, application of cosmetics, maintaining of hygiene & sanitation  etc. along with proficiency in use of diverse makeup techniques, procedures, tools, etc. 

Additionally college must expose students to not only domestic but also global trends & makeup practices along with tips on use of cosmetics and other products which find favour with global target audience. The ideal college must offer supplementary courses to augment student’s competencies in allied fields like digital marketing, hair styling, lighting & photo shoot etc. 


In order to be relevant in the market, a Makeup artist must keep himself up-to-date with fashion, market & makeup trends along with socio-cultural norms & consumer tastes etc. He must be flexible and open to suggestions, adapting basis evolving requirements. He must be knowledgeable about diverse skin types & facial features along with the apt cosmetic products that will suit them. He also must be equipped to handle any adverse effects of diverse cosmetics on the skin. 

Build your portfolio: 

A makeup artist must keep an updated portfolio. He must handle as well as assist in multiple projects, even work at retail makeup counters to build his portfolio since it will showcase his prowess as well as versatility in his art & techniques, thus facilitates gaining clients. 

 Advertise your service on digital platform: 

Maintain a simple page and present your work to the world via varied digital & social media platforms. Showcase your portfolio, diverse makeup hacks along with tips on hairstyling, makeup techniques & skincare etc. 

Register for a makeup course and impact yours as well as others lives