Sometimes, you want the perfect body shape to wear that favorite dress you bought off the rack on a sale. Chances are high that you have quality plus size shapewear somewhere in your wardrobe. These shape wears are great to give your body the definition it needs and help you wear any dress you want, without looking bulgy. The waist trainers and the shape wears will cover all those areas where you have accumulated fat and give it a smooth look altogether. So, in the end, the dress you wear will show no sign of bulginess or crease anywhere around.

The shape wear with the crotch hook:

You have the best shapewear for tummy and waist that comes with adjustable crotch hook. It will train your waist, gives you the maximum compression that you need and lift up your buttocks. 

  • This same shapewear is perfect for supporting the thigh areas and provides the double tummy control effect.
  • It is a great additional piece of cloth, which can go under anything you want.
  • You will achieve a seamless look with this form of clothing along with invisible underneath any form of clothing.
  • It is a high waist shaper perfect for weight loss training. It can also act as a workout band and even postpartum support girdle.
  • It is time for you to enhance the butt curve, which will make the bum bigger and also beautiful whenever you are slimming down the waist and the abdomen.
  • It is a pull-up shape wear that will compress your whole midsection for creating that hourglass shape you have been looking forward to, under your dress.

The one with a lace zipper:

You have the lace zipper open bust plus size shapewear available from the reputed centers as well. This product is made using breathable and comfortable material that offers firm control for the waist, hips, back and tummy. The lace briefs will provide invisible underwear in beautiful clothes. It helps in reshaping the sexy sleek body shape as well!

  • You will always look seamless with that invisible shape wear under your belt. It can easily go under any form of clothing.
  • Then you have thong style lace that goes hand in hand with the hook and the zipper. It helps in getting your sexy figure back.
  • You have the U-shaped push up breast design, which will make the chest even more attractive. That gives you an hourglass figure.
  • The product comes with hooks and zipper that offer the much awaited adjustable tight fit. It helps in achieving long-lasting waist cinching effect.
  • Make sure to check out the high waist shape wear available for covering the weight loss training.
  • The same product will further offer you with a postpartum support girdle.

It is always mandatory to focus on the best shapewear for tummy and waist before you get to finalize on the right shape wear to look into. Get to all the possible products and then look for the right one in here.