Shuffling dance necessitates elegance and flowing movements. This dance requires a type of sliding movement that involves moving one’s feet while hardly leaving the ground. So your shuffling dance shoes should be comfortable enough to wear while dancing and have smooth enough bottoms to allow you to glide around the dance floor. 

There are shoes designed expressly for shuffling that has a smooth outside sole to make this easier. However, before purchasing the special shoes, you should experiment with shuffling in your present non-slip shoes. However, knowing how to make shoes slippery for shuffling necessitates some information, which we’ll go over next.


We’ve got three simple techniques to make your sneakers slick enough for shuffle dancing. Each technique is substantially simpler, and you can attempt them at home with relatively few items.

1. Using gaffer tape on shoes to make them slippery 

This is an excellent method to flaunt your dazzling shoes on the dance floor. It restricts the shoes you may dance or shuffle in while not damaging the features that come with your shoes. This tape may not cover all sections of your shoe, but it is a quick and easy solution to make your shoes slippery. This method will yield better results if the shoe is turned upside down and the sole is supported from the inside.

Here’s how to do it:

• Tape one end of the shoe sole to the tape.

• Slowly pull the tape over the shoe sole. Rub it to smooth out any wrinkles and place it firmly on the shoe sole.

• When you reach the far edge of the shoe, cut the tape and firmly adhere it to the shoe sole by rubbing it lightly.

• Repeat with your other shoe to create a set of slick shuffling and dancing shoes. You may remove the gaffer tape if you want the shoes to be less slippery.

Furthermore, if the gaffer tape is crumbling but you still want the shoes to be slippery, clean them while the gaffer tape is still on and allow them to dry. Once they’re dry, apply a fresh application of gaffer tape to make them slippery again.

2. Using sandpaper on shoes to make them slippery

If your shoes have a rubber sole, you can use sandpaper to make them slippery in preparation for dancing or shuffling.

Before you begin, keep in mind that this operation is irreversible. Furthermore, putting sandpaper on shoe bottoms may damage them and reduce their lifetime. Do it only on the shoes you’ve designated for shuffling and dancing. 

The steps are as follows:

• Look for coarse sandpaper that may be used to remove rough patterns from your shoe sole.

• Hold your shoe upside down in the palm of your left hand. It is preferable if you place your palm into the shoe to firm up the sole. If you are left-handed, you may accomplish this using your left hand.

• In circular movements, rub the sole with the sandpaper. Feel the shoe with your palm from time to time to discover where extra effort is required.

• Once the sole is smooth, clean it with an olive oil-soaked towel. This will remove the sandpaper residues and make the sole feel oily. Remove any extra olive oil to keep the shoe from becoming too slick.

• Repeat with the other shoe, and they’ll be ready for dancing or shuffling.

• When you wish to utilize the shoes for dancing or shuffling, rub them with olive oil.

3. Using suede on shoes to make them slippery 

This works best if the shoes have no treads. For your one-time dance session, you can utilize this temporary hack on your usual shoes.

Suede adheres nicely to any sole, allowing you to shuffle or dance in a variety of shoes. If you see that the shoes are losing their slickness, put more suede paper on them to restore their slickness.

To acquire an equal suede paper cover, work on the shoe with the sole supported. You will also be able to work on the shoe more effectively if you turn it upside down.

Follow steps as below

• Lay the suede paper down on a level surface.

• Trace the shoe on the suede paper using a marker pen.

• Remove the shoe and set it aside. Using a sharp pair of scissors, cut out the traced shoe from suede paper. To avoid cutting your own suede paper, search for a ready-made suede paper that is cut to size.

• The suede paper is held together using adhesive tape. Peel the tape and gently apply it to the shoe, examining and smoothing out any creases until the entire sole is covered.

• Rep with the other shoes to complete your shuffling or dancing shoes.

• When you’re finished, pull the suede paper off the shoe to make it less slippery. It will not harm the sole of your shoe.


You don’t have to wear shuffling shoes to stand out on the dance floor. Make your outstanding movements using your normal shoes with small tweaks mentioned above to make it fit for shuffling. So, there you go! The three techniques outlined above are all that are required to make shoes slippery for shuffling. It is up to you to decide which is best for you.