This article will talk about the relationship status and is Anna Kendrick in a relationship.

Anna Kendrick, the famed American actress who won numerous awards, is well-known. We are going to try to learn more about Anna Kendrick’s relationships and other details related to her life in this article. Anna Kendrick is well-known in countries such as the United States andthe United Kingdom.

This article will cover many details about Anna Kendrick’s life and whether Is Anna Kendrick in a Relationship or not. Keep checking back for more updates.

Know Anna Kendrick relationship details?

Rumours circulated that Anna was involved in a romantic relationship with actor Bill Hader. Recent media reports claim that the couple had split in June 2012.

Anna disclosed that she had been the victim of psychological abuse in a romantic relationship during recent media interviews. This is very similar to the character in the film. It was heartbreaking to witness her suffering.

Anna Kendrick Relationship History

Anna is 37 years old and currently resides in Los Angeles. Research revealed that she has been involved in multiple relationships until now. Anna’s dating history was quite long in comparison to other women. There were reports that she was dating Edgar Wright, an American filmmaker, in 2009. She began dating Ben Richardson, an English cinematographer, after their 2013 breakup. They also broke up in 2014.

Rumours circulated that she was in a relationship, possibly with Bill Hader (an actor), in 2020-21. They split in June 2022 according to media reports. The Anna Kendrick Relationship status is currently single.

Information about the Anna Kendrick Relationship

Anna Kendrick has been involved in multiple relationships with different people. Anna spoke out about her relationship to the media regarding her new work. She said that the person who she loved and trusted most had abused Anna, and it was hard to get out of that situation.

Why is Anna Kendrick so controversial?

Many actors and actresses are talking about their love lives. Similar is true for Anna Kendrick. Rumours about Anna Kendrick in a Relationship are circulating on the internet. Celebrities often get the spotlight because of their relationships. You can also See the link provided for more updates .

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We can see that Anna is single and has not been in a relationship since she started the blog. She shared some of her personal experiences and said that she now realizes she is not responsible for her failed relationships.

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