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About Phoenix Pizza Maker

Pizzeria Bianco was founded by Chris Bianco in Phoenix. In 1988, he began his journey to make pizza. He was the main motivator behind the artisanal-pizza movement. His recipes were the reason he gained respect. He tried to keep a friendly relationship with local farmers, producers, customers, and staff. Pizzeria Bianco now has two locations. One branch is located in Phoenix and the other is in Arizona. Tratto, Bianco’s white-tablecloth restaurant with Italian decor, is known for its handmade pasta and seasonal delights. Bianco’s Pizza is Phoenix’s Best Pizza.

Chris Bianco

Chris Bianco stressed the importance of using local ingredients when preparing his dishes. In 2003, he was awarded the James Beard Award as Best Chef Southwest. This is his first award as a pizzaiolo. He is the first pizzaiolo to win this award. He gives advice, knowledge, and food philosophies for many chefs and restaurants.

Chris Bianco was able to be honored with another honor when he was announced as the “Chef’s Table” host on Netflix. The show will feature three chefs from America, one from Italy, and one from Japan.

Chris Bianco Restaurants will also be included in this program. Chris also owns Pane Bianco Sandwich Shops and Tratto Sandwich Shops.

About Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco has received positive reviews from critics. Pizzeria Bianco’s specialty is the wood-fired oven and homemade mozzarella cheese that are used to make pizzas. The restaurant opened in Central Phoenix. In 1966, the restaurant moved to downtown Heritage Square. It is regarded as the best American restaurant. This restaurant is also popular with visitors from other countries. Chris Bianco Chiefis a popular chef for his unique way of making pizza.

Who’s Chris Bianco?

Bianco was born in the Bronx, but he was also raised in Ossining (New York). He had to stay at home because he was suffering from asthma. When his aunt was cooking, he noticed. At the age of 13, he began working in a pizzeria. In 1985, he was able to purchase two tickets to fly anywhere in the United States. He decided to move to Phoenix. Later, he was able to sell and prepare pizza in Phoenix.


Chris Bianco Pizza Phoenix was founded on a passion for food. For more information, visit the link .

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