This article will answer your question Brokenangelshop Scam Or Legit about a virtual shopping site that offers a variety of products.

Are you looking to express your musical talents by buying a ukulele Do you want to find snowsuits that are effective for your children so they can prepare for next season? You can find all the details here about the store that suits your needs.

Today’s article focuses on the credibility of an online portal. Buyers from the United States want to know more about this website. Please continue reading to find out Is Brokenangelshop a Scam or Legit.

Is Brokenangelshop Trustful?

These details will prove to be very helpful in confirming the authenticity of this website. These details should be reviewed before you visit this shopping center.

  • Website’s Age – This website is nine days old and has been online for seven months. It was created by developers on February 11, 2022.
  • Trust Score for Site –1%. This is a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • is a rank in Alexa’s Records2480793, and it is an unfavorable rank.
  • Social Media Connections – The owners of this platform have not linked it with any social media portals.
  • Brokenangelshop Review Customer feedback missing from the section next to Detail tab.
  • Contact details’ originality – The address is a residence according to the web. These records are for twenty-five individuals, but they do not link to this store. The contact number is also proof of existence, but it is not linked to this store.
  • No categorizing or filtering of items – The developers haven’t categorised the products that exceed a hundred thousand. The team also has not implemented any filtering methods, which makes browsing tedious.

These details make it appear suspicious. It is difficult to establish Is Brokenangelshop Scam Or Legit because of its novelty.

What’s Brokenangelshop?

Brokenangelshop sells multiple types of merchandise online. Although the home page is dominated by men’s T-shirts and the product head covers a broad range of items, it also features a variety of other products. These include snowsuits and mattresses, ukuleles as well as iron brackets and binoculars.


  • Type of Platform – An online shopping platform that sells products related to clothes, optics and bedding.
  • Address of Portal –
  • Telephone Number –(1) 567 228,0004
  • Office Location –72 Court House Pl Jersey City, New Jersey 07306
  • E-mail –
  • Social Media Connections –Not available. This attribute is critical for your inquiry Brokenangelshop Scam Or Legit.
  • Product Returns and Refunds – The return period for products is 30 days after receiving them. Refund credit can be requested within ten working days.
  • Payment Modes –PayPal
  • Terms and Conditions –Stated
  • Filtering Method – Not given.
  • Price for Goods –Provided In USD.
  • Protocol of Shipping The shipment transit time takes between five and seven working days. The United States does not charge shipping.
  • Sort by –Provided
  • Privacy Policy.Specified


  • Images of the goods are excellent.
  • The Terms of Service contain all official points.

Cons Revealing Brokenangelshop Scam Or Legit

  • This platform has thousands of items, but designers have not categorised them. Filtering is not possible. These products come in a variety of types, so you have only two options for surfing them: the page numbers and the search bar.
  • The subject store was recently opened, which is a major disadvantage for any online shopping platform.
  • You can view the physical address of the store on the Internet by clicking the “Residence” link. There is no verification for the phone number.
  • This site is not associated with social media by its owners, which increases its distrust.

Brokenangelshop Reviews

One user of a prominent reviewing portal started a thread about the store’s originality. One person ordered a toy from this shop and wanted other opinions on whether it was genuine. Brokenangelshop reviews on Reddit mainly show members’ distrust of it.

Many members feel that the site is a bit risky if the prices are too high. The review section does not include any buyer opinions. It is a good idea to read How To Get a Refund On PayPal to avoid being scammed.

Conclusion Brokenangelshop Scam Or Legit

It looks suspicious due to the dubious aspects and negative customer reviews. It is difficult to establish its legitimacy due to its novelty. We ask you to know the Methods to Get Money Back on your credit card security.

What are your thoughts on the website’s trustworthiness and reliability? Please complete the following section.