National Association of Realtors reveals a report that over 80% of agents love to represent virtual house staging before buyers. The agents also told that most of the buyers want virtual home staging to visualize future houses. 

Are you a real estate businessperson? Are you looking to sell your property? 

If you are one of that upper people, virtual home staging is perfectly suiting for you. Moreover, it will clearly benefit you to crack the best deal.

Do you know what is Virtual Home staging?

This is new cutting-edge technology for home staging. It is very beneficial for both the buyers and sellers or agents. Moreover, it is a really good cost saving than the normal conventional one. Virtual home staging is a very suitable replacement for the auctioning property.

The process is totally controlled by graphic designers. They create a photorealistic interior design for an empty house. They use advanced technology to experience you the best that can be possible with this vacant place. Therefore, customers will be happy to visualize and sellers are happy as this is very7 much cost savings.

Top Companies In This Field-

  • PadStyler-

Padstyler is a virtual home staging company that worked with 5000 plum houses. Their real focus is on lightning, 3d photos, and shadows to give the best experience. They offer several high-quality features like same-day delivery, live chat to customers, and a money-back guarantee. Their main customers are real estate agents, builders, home resellers, landlords, and brokers. They helped them to sell the house with the entire visualization. Moreover, padstyler works with a small houses to giant commercial halls.

Price Range-

  • It charges $79 per virtual staging. In fact, you can get an extra discount for bulk purchases.
  • If you want 3d floor paints, it charges you $179
  • However, it will charge you more for same-day delivery and additional custom packages.

Location- Austin, Texas

  • BoxBrownie-

Boxbrownie is a company that is specialized in virtual renovation, image enhancement, and photo editing. Their main focus is on small and big commercial and residential houses. They also provide you with copyrights with the proper product description.


  • $24 per virtual staging photo.
  • Floor drawing – $24 to $32
  • Renovation- $24 to $176
  • Copyrights service- $28 and more
  • 360-degree virtual staging $48 and more
  • However one can avail of custom packs.

Location- Australia

  • VRX Stagging-

VRX media group owned VRX Staging. This organization is can be perfect for both small and big indoor and outdoor properties. It is very useful for both real estate agents and buyers.

Location- Wisconsin, US


  • $29 per virtual staging
  • $10 for virtual image twilight
  • $15 for image paint color changes
  • $5 per image for blue sky and green grass add.
  • Virtually Staging-

Virtually staging is a virtual home staging company and a marketing tool. Their goal is to increase buyer traffic with realistic visuals. 

Location- Atlanta, Georgia


  • $39 per photo including a gallery of furniture.
  • $60 per photo of furniture selected by experts


Virtual home staging is a trending and new technology for real estate-related deals. If you are interested in it you can search  virtual apartment staging near me.