What if you get the chance to enjoy playing the NFL-inspired puzzle game? Yes, you heard it right, a new puzzle game called Weddle is launched, and it is the NFL version of the famous riddle game, Wordle. 

The Wordle spin-off, Weddle, is the creation of a former student of the University of Utah and the Super Bowl Champion, Eric Weddle. He created the NFL version of the puzzle game in collaboration with his friend. 

Soon after the release, players in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom started searching for the Weddle Nfl Wordle game. 

What is Weddle NFL?

Weddle NFL is the daily puzzle game based on the famous riddle game, Wordle. But, the game is released with a new twist where players have to guess the name of an NFL player. Players have to solve the mystery five-letter word containing the name of an NFL player. It is the game launched for those who love streaming NFL matches.

Weddle is a daily challenge game that players can enjoy once in 24 hrs. The challenge modes are random, and players need to guess the NFL players’ names. Therefore, the difficulty level is high compared to Wordle. 

How to Play Weddle Nfl Game?

Since it is a puzzle game, the gameplay involves solving the mystery words using the available letters. Interestingly, players only get six attempts to guess the correct answer. However, the game is free to play, and it comes with a grid system where you have to put all your attention to guess the correct answer. 

  • Guess the name of the NFL player using the letters
  • The NFL players will be from the list of fantasy players
  • For each guess, the color keep changing in the Weddle Nfl Wordle game
  • The yellow tile tells that the guess is close, but it is not correct, and the green tile means the guess is correct
  • In the weight, age, and height column, yellow means the correct answer is very close

The game doesn’t allow players to start a new game after finishing the previous one because a player gets only one chance to play the game in 24 hours. 

What are the Rules of the Weddle Game?

Weddle is the NFL puzzle game that lets players solve the mystery words using the available letters in six attempts. Weddle Nfl Game gives you clues and tips to solve the puzzle in the available attempts.

  • Players get six attempts 
  • The Green column means the guess is correct
  • Red means the answer is wrong and yellow means the guess is very close to the answer
  • Players have to solve a mystery word daily, and they get one chance to play the game every 24 hrs  


Weddle is an online puzzle game based on NFL games. It is the NFL version of Wordle, the popular riddle game. The game shares the same features as puzzle games but with new twists. For example, players get six chances to guess the correct name of an NFL player in the Weddle Nfl Wordle game. 

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