Every educational institution and major corporation evaluates students using the widely used CEFR standard or Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These six baseline English stages are commonly regarded as the universal standard for assessing a person’s language competency. All contemporary English language publications and almost all English courses employ CEFR English levels. CEFR levels must be used in employment descriptions, academic documents, job applications, and many other English level references. Students wishing to study English courses in Dublin must consider focusing on these six levels of English courses. Here is the list of different levels of an English course offered in Dublin:

English Basic User

  • A1 or Beginner: In this level, students are trained to understand and use common everyday terminologies and very simple sentences directed at addressing the expectations of all stakeholders. They can introduce themselves as well as others, but also respond to questions about user data including where they live, folks they recognize, and materialistic things. They can also converse in a straightforward manner if the other person speaks articulately and is willing to assist.
  • A2 or Elementary English: Students at this level can grasp words and commonly used terms relating to subjects of utmost immediate importance such as very basic individual and family details, running errands, geographical location, and employment. They can communicate in easy and ordinary jobs that need a straightforward and immediate flow of information on recognizable and ordinary topics. They may also express parts of their past, present surroundings, and concerns of urgent need in basic words.

English Independent User

  • B1 or Intermediate English: At this level, learners can comprehend the major themes of clear factual information on known topics encountered often at the job, university, leisure, and so on. They are in a position to handle the majority of circumstances that are likely to emerge when traveling in a region where the language is being spoken. Can generate basic linked text on common topics or of individual interests. They can express life experiences, dreams, goals, and aspirations, and offer explanations for ideas and plans concisely.
  • B2 or Upper-Intermediate English: In this level of English course, students can comprehend the major concepts of complicated literature on both tangible and abstract themes, including technical conversations in their field of expertise. They can converse with a level of fluency and flexibility that allows for frequent interactions with people of the target language without putting pressure on either side. They can also write concise, extensive language on a broader range of issues and express their point of view on the current state of affairs, including the benefits and drawbacks of alternative choices.

Proficient English User

  • C1 or Advanced English: This level is also referred to as an advanced level of English course. Students enrolled in such courses are able to understand and recognize the latent meaning of a diverse range of challenging and extended texts. They communicate fluently and naturally without having to look for words. They also utilize language in a variety of ways for interpersonal, intellectual, and professional goals. This advanced level of English course enables them to write precise, well-structured, thorough text on complicated subjects utilizing hierarchical structures, linkages, and literary devices in a controlled manner.
  • C2 or Proficiency English: Proficiency or C2 level of English course is the highest level of English course where students can comprehend almost every sort of text. They are trained well so that they can consolidate data from a variety of verbal and writing forms, recreating arguments and narratives in a logical presentation. They can also communicate spontaneously, smoothly, and precisely, distinguishing finer tones of expression even in more complicated settings.

So, if you are planning to go ahead with an English course, then you must consider all the aforementioned pointers before signing up for the course!