Mini excavators are an indispensable part of the modern construction industry. Also known as a compact excavator, this vehicle can run on wheels or tracks and has multiple uses in small construction areas. As is evident from the name, the small size of this vehicle allows it to work freely in job sites with tight access and small movement area.

With a weight range of 0.7 to 8.5 tonnes, these excavators are frequently hired for backyard constructions, trenching, digging, and demolitions. If you are searching for a machine with the same performance capability and features as a standard excavator but in packed size, then the mini excavator is the right machine.

When and Where Should You Use Mini Excavators?

One of the major advantages of mini excavators is that these machines can be used for many construction jobs. The light frame of this machine and a wide range of attachments make mini excavators versatile machines in the construction sector. Here are some construction jobs where mini excavators are used frequently:

Pool and Hot Tub Construction

Australians and their love affair with backyard swimming pools are known to all. In 2021, the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Australia (SPASA) said there had been a 30 to 50 per cent rise in the demand for pools and spas in residential areas. The statistics don’t lie; it gives us a pretty good idea about how pools and hot tubs are in demand in Australia. The compact nature of mini excavators makes them the ideal machines to work within the constricted backyard space, which otherwise would have been impossible for a standard excavator.

Sewage Line Repairs

Mini excavators are better than large machines like trenchers for basic sewage line repairs and fittings. The primary reason to opt for mini excavators like a 5 tonne excavator

is that they will do the same job as full-scale machines but at a comparatively lower cost. 

However, before hiring a mini excavator for the job, check the digging depth of the sewer line to ensure it is within the excavator’s reach. If you can determine that a mini excavator can easily reach the sewage line, it does not make sense to bring the large fleet on site.

Ploughing Away Snow

During the winter months, city workers often need to clear the roads in the mountainous regions of Australia to allow the residents and tourists to move around freely without much hindrance. Mini excavators with a special blade attachment can easily clear off snow from the roads faster than manual ploughing. These machines’ low weight and small size allow them to navigate the snow-covered paths quickly while efficiently cleaning away the snow.

Digging Holes

With construction jobs, you may be required to dig holes at very inconvenient places to bring in large machines. At times like this, construction teams often use slow excavation methods like using hand-powered tools and shovelling to dig holes.

However, these old-fashioned methods can be quite time-consuming and labour-intensive. Mini excavators for sale and hire come in handy in these situations as they are small enough to move into such tough spots and dig holes in no time. Using these machines, especially in smaller job sites, will speed up the construction process, freeing up time to finish the other tasks.

Tearing Down Small Structures

Many sites call for the demolition of an existing structure to make way for new construction. Tearing down smaller structures like sheds can be effortlessly carried out by a mini excavator. Mini excavators can fit around and navigate the smaller areas like gates efficiently to demolish the structures far more quickly than hand-powdered tools.

Benefits of Using Mini Excavators

Here are some reasons for using a mini excavator for your next construction project:

  • Mini excavators are agile and can easily move around softer grounds and tight spaces.
  • Given their low weight and compact size, these vehicles use less power and fuel while carrying out the job. It not only reduces overall costs but also reduces carbon footprint.
  • Mini excavators can be easily transported to the hob site by pickup bed truck or trailer truck compared to large excavators. So, moving mini excavators from one location to another is cheaper and far less troublesome.
  • Compared to other heavy-duty construction equipment, mini excavators are quieter, which makes them ideal for construction jobs in residential areas.
  • Small excavators, as mentioned before, can be used for a wide range of tasks and are considered versatile construction machines.
  • Lastly, the control and operation of mini excavators are not very complicated; anyone can learn them easily.

There are many mini excavators in the market to choose from, as is your requirement. However, consider buying or renting from a reputed supplier or dealer.