Custom patches are fantastic products for adding personality to our clothes and accessories. You can use them on uniforms, jackets, jeans, bags, hats, etc., using any design or colors to make a statement, show your standing, or belonging to a group. They tell a story and show your hobbies and interests. There are wide varieties to choose from that can be confusing when you want to create for yourself or your organization. Custom embroidered patches and custom PVC patches rule the personalized patches industry; each has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Do you want a vintage or a contemporary look? The blog will help you choose the best patches for your specific needs. 

Let’s examine them separately before we compare the differences: 

Custom embroidered patches: 

People have used custom embroidered patches for a long time for clothes and uniforms. They used hand-stitched personalized patches to embellish royal clothes and religious artifacts. Organizations like the military and law enforcement use these patches on uniforms and apparel to show designation, missions, accomplishments, etc. They are a fantastic way to distinguish your uniform from others. These patches have a soft and stylish feel that goes well with most outfits. 

Threads are the most important aspects of custom embroidery patches, giving them a distinct look; it dominates most of the patch region. These patches have a gloss-like shiny appearance regardless of the colors or styles. Border threads are used to make the patches more eye-catching. Custom embroidery patches have become a fashion statement with reflective, bright, neon, photoluminescent, gold, and silver threads. 

Custom PVC patches are made using polyvinyl chloride and are a rubber-like material; various companies have used these plastic polymers for different purposes. You can mold them in any shape with various colors. PVC patches have a sharper and refined look, and you can create them in 2D or 3D. 

The base color is poured into the mold to create a PVC patch, and more colors are added in layers to generate the design of the patch. These patches are easy to create and durable, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are resistant to wear and tear, so fire departments and law enforcement prefer PVC patches. 

Difference between custom embroidered and PVC patches: 

There are two ways to use your custom embroidered patches. 

  • Paste-on clothing: The method uses iron to heat the patch and then firmly sticks it on the clothes. You will need to keep a piece of cloth in between the iron and patch to prevent them from overheating. 
  • Sewing on clothing: uses the same color or transparent threads to sew the patches. It keeps the patches more intact compared with the first method. 

Since PVC patches are made of plastic polymer, they will melt at high temperatures. You can apply these patches using a sew-on groove; the portion is thinner than the rest of the patch, making it convenient to use it. 

  • Sewing Velcro backings are the most common way to apply custom PVC patches. The loop part of the Velcro is sewed on clothes, and the hook part is on the patch. The method allows you to change the velcro patch on garments pretty quickly. 
  • Sewing the PVC patches on clothing doesn’t need Velcro and is stitched on the garment. 
  • Pasting the PVC patches on clothing uses double-sided tape without the sew-on groove. However, you need a flat and smooth surface because of the limited viscosity of the adhesive. The process is disposable and ideal for advertising patches and attaching them to an object like a box, bag, etc.    
Custom embroidered patchesCustom PVC patches
Expensive than PVC patchesCost-effective than embroidered patches
Takes longer to produceTakes less time to manufacture
Some design limitationsNo design limitations 
Challenging to apply effects to texts like drop shadow Easy to apply various effects to text and design
Colors are limited by the thread colorsNo limitations on the colors 
Not water-resistantWater-resistant 
Durable More durable than embroidered patches
Resistant to heatColor fades with high temperature

How to choose: 

Both the custom embroidered and PVC patches are unique, and the choice will come down to the look you want to achieve. Embroidered patches give a more traditional look, while PVC patches give a more modern look. One tip to keep in mind is to create patches that are easy to read; avoid making the letter small. 

Now that you know about the patches, it is time to create one. The only limitations are your imagination and the manufacturer you choose. Don’t go for cheap quality, ugly-looking patches. Instead, opt for high-quality patches from a reliable manufacturer like EverLighten, with over eighteen years of experience helping startups, large companies, schools, colleges, sports teams, celebrities, etc.  

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