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You might be curious as to why Katie Palmer is featured in the news. You are in the right spot to find out all about the accident and the “Justice for Katie Palmer” movement on social media.

Katie Palmer was struck by a pickup truck and suffered serious injuries. This topic was very popular in Canada as well as the United States. Katie Palmer is a Texas resident. She is a Dension-based wife and mother. Cory Foster, their neighbor hit her and her husband. However, in the Katie Palmer accident ,nothing occurred to her husband. She died in the accident. She was later pronounced dead at the local hospital after she was flown in a helicopter.

How was this accident made into a Social Media Movement.

This incident received a lot more national attention because the driver of the car was not charged. Cory Foster was allegedly drunk at the time of the collision, but the Grayson County district attorney decided not to press charges. Cory Foster has a long history of traffic offenses such as speeding, drunk driving and reckless driving. This is why the Katie Palmer Accident was a success and it led to several true crime podcasts.

What caused the accident?

According to reports, Katie Palmer was struck by a pickup truck on April 2020. But she was not able to survive the accident. John Palmer and Katie Palmer went for a walk around their neighborhood. Cory Foster, a neighbor hit them with an F-250 from behind after 15 minutes. They lost their shoes and had to throw themselves several hundred yards. Katie sustained severe injuries to her skull and died on the spot.

Katie Palmer Accident : About Cory Foster

Cory Foster isn’t in jail because he wasn’t charged. Numerous reports claim that a trooper made contact with Foster after the collision. Reports claim that the trooper smelled Foster’s breath and checked his alcohol levels. Foster passed the test quickly. State trooper Tarif Alkhatib also handled the case.

Four months later, Foster was not indicted by the grand jury. He was fired instead, even though he didn’t have any accusations against him. Katie Palmer’s family launched a campaign following that. “Justice for Katie Palmer” is a social media campaign.

Final thoughts about Katie Palmer’s Accident

Research suggests that Katie Palmer was hit by a pickup truck on April 21, 2020 and she died from her injuries. Because the driver of the pickup was not charged, the incident attracted much more attention. Grayson County’s district attorney did not charge Cory Foster, who was also allegedly drunk at time of collision. Katie Palmer’s family then launched a campaign. “Justice for Katie Palmer” was a social media campaign.

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