Encircled by the wonderful slopes in Tehri Garhwal District, town Pantwari is 334.9 Km from Delhi. It will take around 8 hours to arrive at Pantwari. Nag tibba trek can be considered as one of the most incredible end of the week treks for fledglings that begins from town Pantwari.

Nag Tibba (Serpent’s Peak) is the most elevated peak in Garhwal Division at 9,915ft from the ocean level. The astonishing magnificence and cordial locals will add on to your experience during your visit in Patwari.

I began my trek from Pantwari, while there are two alternate ways of arriving at Nag tibba. The most brief one is through Patwari. The trouble level of the trek is simple, moderate and steep from headquarters to Nag sanctuary and afterward to the top. With Gradual climbing, the path is covered with stones. Nag tibba trek is particularly prescribed to the fledglings who have quite recently begun trekking.

In case you are going by your own vehicle you can save your 1.5 hours by taking your vehicle to the motorable street which will make your trek short. There is no authorization needed to go into timberland visitor house at this point. In any case, possibly later you may need to request consent and pay for your visit at headquarters Kathiyan which goes under woods division (as per local people).

Nag tibba trek is open consistently. In case you are accomplishing interestingly it’s smarter to take an aide who can help and recommend the most ideal ways. I was sufficiently fortunate to encounter nag tibba snow trek on January 26th long end of the week in 2018. By exploiting the long end of the week me and travel bug contaminated companions arranged the trek to nag tibba.


-It is significant that you convey hand sanitizers and veils even on a trek.

-Convey additional woolen socks, particularly throughout the cold weather months.

-Ensure you are conveying water safe shoes throughout the cold weather months.

-The trek to the highest point begins early, thus, we suggest conveying a headlight.


-Reusable water jug to try not to partake in plastic contamination.


-Nag Tibba is an end of the week trek; subsequently it is prescribed to convey just fundamental things. Conveying substantial articles can prompt more sluggishness, particularly while climbing on steep territories.

-Despite the fact that the trek is by all accounts short, it can get rushed if not prepared as expected. We suggest working out routinely (for something like seven days) before your flight date.

-During the winters the temperature drops radically so try to pack warm. We suggest conveying no less than three layers-hotter, downy and down coat.


There is no immediate way of arriving at Pantwari (from where the trek begins) .It is possible that you need to take a transport or a taxi from Dehradun or from Mussoorie. The separation from Mussoorie to Pantwari is roughly 56.3km and Dehradun to Pantwari is close by 90 Kms.

It tends to be considered as one of the most outstanding end of the week treks close to Mussoorie. Pantwari is a spot you have never seen or visited. A little town with not in excess of 50 houses. Individuals there are consistently prepared to help without expecting anything consequently which is an uncommon case nowadays. Little shops selling day by day needs will be amazing to look for help from. In case you are hoping to eat non-veg in Pantwari so if it’s not too much trouble, note there is just one shop who sells home cooked meat, that preference is totally stunning. As individuals living in Pantwari for the most part stay away from utilization of meat and Alcohol so you won’t track down any connected shop there.

Spending plan: As I was going in a gathering, per individual we have spent Rs 3500 Approx for the whole excursion. The expense was comprehensive of transportation, trekking, setting up camp and nourishment for 3 days.


Day 1 – Dehradun to Pantwari to Kathian Basecamp

Distance-90 km drive/6 km trek

On day 1, we suggest leaving right on time from Dehradun to arrive at Pantwari on schedule. From Pantwari, a path will lead you to Goat town. You can notice an assortment of verdure while climbing. Around the town you can spot trees like Pahadi Cherry Blossom and blossoms like rhododendrons. Subsequent to crossing the town, you’ll arrive at the Kathian Basecamp by dusk. The perspectives from the camp are wonderful as you can see the nightfall over the valley in front of you! It is prescribed to convey appropriate winter clothing throughout the cold weather for a long time as snowfall can hit whenever.

Day 2 – Basecamp to Nag Tibba Summit and back to Dehradun

Distance-14 km trek/90 km drive

The trek to headquarters begins early. We suggest leaving the site by 4 am to partake in the dawn at the highest point. You will cross a Nag Devta sanctuary coming, from where the lofty trip starts. On arriving at the culmination, you’ll be encircled by a 360 degree perspective on the Himalayas! You can spot tops like-Bandarpoonch range, Nanda Devi, Swargarohini, Black Peak and Gangotri gathering of pinnacle. In the wake of going through an hour or somewhere in the vicinity at the highest point, head back to the headquarters, rest for some time and begin trekking towards Pantwari. On arriving at Pantwari before sun-down, you can either remain in a guesthouse or leave for Dehradun.