Re: Zero season 2 doesn’t bring an end to Subaru’s suffering. Re: Zero Season 2 should have a sequel. But when will the Re: Zero season 3 be out?

Subaru, a young boy, is one-day teleported into a fantasy world. He meets Emilia, a mysterious girl and discovers something surprising. He is resurrected every time he dies, just like in a videogame. This gives him many options, but also causes great suffering. The second season of Re: Zero continues his adventure, which aired on Crunchyroll up to a month ago. What about season 3?

Re: Zero – When is season 3 due out?

There is not much information available about a third season. It is almost certain that a third season will be made, because the fantasy story has been well received by fans. Sho Tanaka, executive producer, also confirmed indirectly in an interview with Crunchyroll that he had plans for a sequel.

“I am sure that when you see this (Season 2), you will all be screaming for a third. It’s coming. “

It is impossible to predict when new episodes will air. Season 3 will likely take as long as the previous season, so a start prior to 2024 is unlikely. Perhaps next year, or a later date is more realistic. Tappei Nagatsuki’s novel is the only option if patience fails you.

What happens when the animated series is created?

Beatrice, Emilia and Subaru now face a new challenge after defeating the Army of Bloodthirsty Rabbits. Political intrigues must be stopped in order to assert Emilia’s claim to the throne. Subaru, the staunch knight of the future queen, is once again at the forefront.

Fans can also look forward the return of well-known characters like Rem and Beatrice. New enemies, particularly those from the witch cult are also to be expected. It is still fascinating.