What do you know about blueberries Do you keep up with the news? Do you follow the news? If so, then you’d be aware of the blueberry recall that occurred in all US markets. Everyone began to look for the information as soon as it was announced and they are eager to reap all of the benefits of blueberries.

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Blueberries recalled

Blueberries are one the most popular food products in America. Washington State, the United States of America, is one of the top blueberry-eating states in the world. The Food and Drug association recently announced the recall of Blueberries. Blueberries were recalled because of elevated lead levels–the U.S. Two organic Natierra Blueberries were identified by the Food and Drug association. Within minutes, the news began trending on the internet and everyone wanted to learn more. Blueberry 2022 recall is one of the most significant events in U.S.A.’s food market.

Blueberries were recalled.

Recently, a Maryland lab discovered that organic Natierra Blueberries had a higher level of lead. Further investigation revealed that the elevated lead level in Natierra Blueberries was primarily due to its origin. Natierra Blueberries are typically extracted from the Lithuanian fruit. This is why Natierra Blueberries was recalled on July 14, 2022. These products were sold in U.S. retail stores and local shops. Recall Blueberry2022 The recall of two dried blueberries from Natierra led to their being:

  • Lot 2021363-1, Best By Date: 12/2024; 1 serving, 1.2oz (34g), UPC 812907011160
  • Lot 2022026-1, Best By Date: 01/2025; 1 serving, 1.2oz (34g), UPC 812907011160.

What happens if I eat lead-elevated blueberries.

Blueberries high in lead can lead to an increase of its blood concentration. Although the increased lead concentration does not cause any symptoms, it can affect the central nervous systems. Acute lead poisoning can cause abdominal pain and, in children, may impair their mental and physical growth.

Recall Blueberry 2022

The F.D.A. issued a recall shortly after the recall. The F.D.A. urged all customers to stop buying dried organic blueberries. According to the company, customers should not eat any of their products and can return them at their stores. Any symptoms that customers notice are to be reported to the doctor.


This article informs readers about the ongoing food market controversy in the U.S.A. and explains the reasons behind the recall of Blueberries. It also explains the harmful effects of lead.