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Have you lately hear that the 16-year-old boy had a bullet shot? Though we all know, it’s sad for all of us these youngsters are getting bullet shots nowadays.

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Who had been Ajax?

As reported by the internet’s research, Ajax would be a young boy studying within the School of Spingarn Senior High School. And, also, he took over as victim in those days.

Based on a couple of sources, he was tall, and that he accustomed to stay quiet during class. His real name is Adrian precia. He used to reside in Northeast Washington.

How can this be subject trending?

This subject lately has turned into a trend just because a bullet shot a 16-year-old schoolboy, and individuals are becoming upset after hearing this incident.

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Where did this incident occur?

You’ll be amazed to understand this incident had happened in Spingarn Senior High School. No murders were involved with this incident.

People get angry around the board of the school and protest the way they allow a gun to go in the college.

Parents are requesting the safety of the children. Still, mother and father been known as through the school authority to resolve this situation and go ahead and take victim towards the hospital.

Rip Ajax 1980!

As previously mentioned around the subject, Adrian Precia is also referred to as Ajax. His buddies accustomed to call him up Ajax. His age was just 16 years of age if this incident happened.

Based on students who studies in Spingarn Senior High School, a boy was having fun with a gun. Everybody think it is a toy. However that boy pressed the trigger, along with a bullet came and struck Ajax.

Police found the place and accepted ajax towards the hospital. Later a bit of news came that Ajax isn’t any more. From that incident is called Rip Ajax 1980.

Though this incident had happened within the late 1980s, still it results in a blueprint in the current parents to not give gun toys for their children.

Schools have grown to be more careful nowadays. School government bodies have no idea wish to take this kind of risk gain while increasing checking security.

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Final Verdict:

Based on our research, recommendations that the 16-year-old boy named Ajax was the victim of the incident. This incident required devote 1980 whenever a boy was having fun with a gun and mistakenly shot a boy.

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