Let’s review an internet site selling greater than 50k office supply products, Covid-19 test-kits. Find out about Werko Reviews.

Werko.com.au is a big online shop that has the ability to support huge resources of office products around australia. It sells office supplies online in a discounted rate to the people and sells bulk orders towards the corporates.

Are you currently searching to buy office stationery online from the reliable site that can ensure guaranteed delivery of the order? Then, kindly find out about Werko Reviews in the following paragraphs to understand if it’s reliable.


Werko.com.au is definitely an online office supply store operated by Hochhauser Family Trust with ABN# 43-892-966-277. The Hochhauser Family Trust has been around business since 05th May 2021. Werko.com.au aims to supply an array of office supplies online in the cheapest cost and also the best customer support based on a passionate account manager.

On Werko.com.au following groups of merchandise are listed:

Personal Protection Put on


Site Safety

Janitorial, Hygiene and Kitchen

Packaging and Postage

First-aid Kits

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection

Respiratory system Protection

Office Supplies Online

Toner and ink

Printers And

Office Technology

Features to check on Is Werko Legit:

Buy office supplies online at: https://world wide web.werko.com.au.

Social networking Links: Pointed out for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

Cost: starts from under 1.3 AUD.

Street Address: 37 Naxos way,Keysborough,VIC3173.

Testimonials and blogs: not supported on Werko.com.au.

Conditions and terms: Specified clearly, with no plagiarism was present.

Online privacy policy: Specified but, plagiarism was present.

Phone (or) Wahtsapp number: (03)9088-4444, Whatsapp number isn’t given.

Store locator: Werko.com.au didn’t provide details about its physical stores.

Delivery: Office supplies online are delivered within someone to 7 days according to where you are by Werko.com.au.

Shipping: Werko Reviews on Shipment fee shows different rates for various locations. Office supplies online are shipped immediately if orders are put before 3 PM.

Tracking: Details about the tracking of office supplies online wasn’t given.

Refund Policy: The return policies weren’t given on Werko.com.au

Refunds: Refund policies weren’t pointed out on Werko.com.au.

Current email address: [email protected].

Mode of Payment: In AUD all major Charge Cards and accounts.

Newsletters: Supported for corporate offices and businesses by Werko.com.au.

Owner’s details: Hochhauser Family Trust has Werko.com.au.


Request quotation for bulk orders to understand about additional benefits provided by Werko.com.au

Werko Reviews finds an expert and user-friendly style of Werko.com.au with choices to search, sort and filter work supplies.

Werko.com.au enables four weeks credit terms for corporates

Werko.com.au supports consolidated invoicing for corporate offices

Werko.com.au offers support of SME towards the corporates


Important policies on tracking, cancellation, returns and refunds are missing

The information from the Sitemap didn’t have on Werko.com.au.

Is Werko.com.au Legit?

Werko.com.au creations and expiry: Unknown

Werko.com.au last updated on: 15th October 2021 at 00:11:01 Hrs

Werko.com.au SSL certification: 04th November 2019 at 00:00:00 Hrs.

Werko.com.au SSL Expiry: 02nd The month of january 2023 at 00:00:00 Hrs.

Werko.com.au Age: unknown. It’s accounted to check on Is Werko Legit?

Trust Index: Werko.com.au rated 50% around the trust index, that is terrible.

Alexa ranking: Werko.com.au includes a good ranking on Alexa at 395,705.

Native land: The CoO for Werko.com.au is unknown.

Status of Blacklisting: Werko.com.au wasn’t blacklisted.

Suspicious Websites Closeness: An optimistic score of twoOrone hundred.

Threat Profile: no data.

Phishing Score: no data.

Adware and spyware Score: no data.

Junk e-mail Score: no data.

Connection Security: Werko.com.au utilizes a valid HTTPS protocol, along with a valid SSL certificate was discovered.

Hr person: Chaim Hochhauser like a contact for Werko.com.au.

Social relations: Werko.com.au exists on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

Owner’s contact: Hochhauser Family Trust’s phone number wasn’t provided.

Customers Werko Reviews:

On Facebook, four comments are rating Werko.com.au at 1.8/5 stars. 14 reviews on Trustpilot also rated Werko.com.au at 2.6/5 stars.

There aren’t any product critiques available on Werko.com.au. However, product critiques on the web for products offered by Werko.com.au were rated 4.2/5 stars. A YouTube website overview of Werko.com.au shows it’s potentially an authentic website.

The majority of the negative reviews show delayed delivery and non-delivery of merchandise, no response from customer care, low quality of merchandise from China, no refunds and delays within the refund process.

As Werko.com.au takes plastic money, take note About Charge Card Rackets.


Werko Reviews concludes that Werko.com.au is POTENTIALLY the best website as several customers had received work supplies. However, we don’t recommend Werko.com.au because of poor customer comments, poor product quality, poor customer care and delays in delivery and Refunds. As a result of 50% trust rank, Werko.com.au is recommended for skilled online users.

As Werko.com.au accepts PayPal transactions, kindly be familiar with PayPal Rackets.

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