The world of business has endless growth to it. The industry has been growing at a fast pace, growing worldwide. This has created a lot of scope for students who want to make a career in the field of management. Walking shoulder to shoulder with the dynamic business industry is the education section as well. It has introduced a lot of new courses to offer talented students to the industry.

While there are many courses offered, the two courses that are preferred the most by students are BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) and B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce). People believe that more variety makes things better, but when it comes to choosing from a plethora of courses, students find it difficult to choose one. However, the above two courses are opted for by students the most.

Both the courses can be pursued after completing school. Admission to these courses is mostly on a merit basis, but many colleges conduct their own examinations to select students. However, both options are available, and students can opt for the college that suits them the most.

B.Com and BBA may seem similar to each other, but the case is not so. Here is all you need to know about the courses and the difference between them.

All About B.Com

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is an undergraduate degree in business management. It is recognized globally and is a 3-year course recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). 

Students who want to learn more about finance, accounting, taxation, and more, can opt for this course as it is an apt choice. The motive of this degree is to educate students about the concepts of business administration, accountancy, taxation,  industrial policies, and more. 

Benefits Of The B.Com Course

The benefits of pursuing a B.Com course are as follows:

  • More Job Opportunities

No business can survive without a finance professional, or an accountant, or a commerce specialist as it is important to look into its financial affairs. This opens a lot of job opportunities for many students pursuing B.Com. They can find a lot of opportunities to make a career in maintaining the finances of a company and create a smooth flow of finances.

  • Multiple Career Opportunities

Many students think that pursuing a course will only lead them to one job. B.Com is a course that acts as a base for many other career opportunities. You can opt for many other careers like agricultural economics, stock broking, economist, company secretary, etc. 

  • A Flexible Course

B.Com is a good choice for students who are not clear as to what they exactly have to pursue their career in. You can go for a job or even start your own business after pursuing this degree. However, with the increase in competition, having only a degree in B.Com may not get you a good job.

  • Good Pay

Because B.Com acts as a flexible base for many career opportunities, you can expect a handsome salary package after you complete the course. Once the candidate gains some experience, they can get even better salaries. However, the salaries depend from organization to organization and the career the student opts for.  


Here are the subjects you get to learn in a B.Com course:

  • Accounting
  • Economy Structures
  • Business Principles
  • Finance
  • Law

B.Com is offered by reputed government and government universities like Delhi University, JNU, and more. While most of the government universities admit students on a merit basis, private colleges may conduct their own examination to select students.

All About BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration is a popular course in the field of management. It is a 3-year undergraduate degree program that can be pursued after successful completion of school. 

Benefits Of The BBA Course

  • A Strong Base For Management Career

A BBA course is very flexible when it comes to choosing different career options. You may choose to go for an MBA, Data Science, Government job, Banking, or any field, a BBA degree acts as a solid base for them. 

BBA develops necessary professional skills that every field of work requires, offering flexibility in choosing any field of work you want. 

  • Get Pivotal Roles

A BBA degree can straightaway land you in management and strategic roles that form the core of an organization. This helps you get a good exposure in the market which is important to grow in the field and get a good post. An experience in this will help you in good decision-making and think of quick solutions. 

  • Higher Salary Packages

Pursuing a degree in BBA increases your chances of getting higher salary packages and better job opportunities. The business industry is growing at a fast rate, and so is the need for management professionals. Therefore, there are high chances of getting your dream job. 

  • Develop Business Skills

If you want to become an entrepreneur or get a job in the business industry, a BBA degree is the right choice for you. The course develops business skills that help you understand and work on various important aspects of a business. 

  • Become A Management Expert At An Early Age

The duration of a BBA course is 3 years, and so it allows you to kickstart your career in the business industry at an age. This acts as an advantage in your growth in the industry. As you gain experience, you tend to earn more and ace the business industry at a young age.


Here is the list of subjects offered under BBA:

  • Insurance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology

BBA is offered by many reputed business schools and government and private colleges. However, the eligibility depends from college to college. Some colleges accept CAT examination scores, while some accept MAT or admit students on merit basis. Some colleges may also hold their own examinations as an eligibility criteria. 

Difference Between B.Com And BBA

While both the courses may look similar, as they lead you to the management field and offer amazing opportunities in the business industry, they have their own areas of expertise. If you are planning to work after pursuing an undergraduate course, Choosing between the two depends on the student’s interest in the subjects.

If you like numbers or want to make a career in the financial field, like CS, CA, and more, B.Com is the apt choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to pursue a career in the field of management, BBA is the best choice. You can pursue an MBA even after completing a B.Com degree. However, a BBA degree acts as a better base for the specialization course. 

BBA has proved to be more skill specific than B.Com for students. If you are a resident of Maharashtra, and want to go into the management field, you can find good BBA colleges in Mumbai. There are many reputed B schools in Mumbai that offer the best management courses. If you want to study further, you can also find MBA colleges in Mumbai. All you gotta do is shortlist the best BBA colleges in Maharashtra and select the one that suits you best. 


The business industry has been growing at a fast pace, and so has been the education sector. However, the best management-related courses most preferred by students are BBA and B.Com. 

Many students get confused about which course to opt for. B.Com offers comparatively higher pay if you don’t want to pursue any course after graduation. On the other hand, if you want high salary packages and good jobs, BBA is the stepping stone toward MBA and a good job later on. However, both the courses have their own set of benefits to offer. It also depends on the student which subjects they want to go for. If they are more interested in subjects offered by B.Com, they should opt for it and vice versa for the BBA course.

If you are a resident of Maharashtra, you can find many reputed B schools in Mumbai. You can select from a plethora of BBA colleges in Mumbai and enroll in the one that suits you the best. Opt for the best college and kickstart your management career!