Did you hear the latest track from Lizzo’s acclaimed album, “Special”? You want to hear what critics and the audience think about the album? According to the most recent headlines, Lizzo is the one who has released the new album. Everyone in the United States is thrilled about it.

This article will help you find Lizzo Special Reviews and the song that was just released.

The audience’s reaction to the Special

Lizzo’s latest album, Special, is her third. She had previously released three albums in the last year which were huge hits. The album was released July 15, 2022. A single track, About Damn Time, was released April 14, 2022.

The release is a big hit with the audience, who are eager to listen to it on all platforms. The album’s music score is approximately 55 and the 2022 rating, #486.

Lizzo Special Reviews What have users to say about this album?

Our research team found that both positive and negative reviews were posted in the comments section. Some believe that the album ‘Special” is only for tiktokers, and not music lovers.

Some people feel that the songs on the album are too difficult to listen to, and a disappointment. Everyone has different tastes in music so it’s best to wait for more reviews after the album is released.

Which tracks are in Lizzo’s Special Album,

Now that we have seen the Lizzo special review, let’s take a look at the songs or tracks on the album that are proving to be a hit with the audience. Let’s have a look.

  • Sign
  • About Damn Time, which was released as a trailer earlier than the album, was also available.
  • Grrls
  • 2 love (Am I Ready?)
  • You are my love
  • Special
  • Split Up
  • Nude
  • Birthday Girl
  • Coldplay
  • If You Love Me

These are the tracks in the Lizzo Special Album. After purchasing the album, you can access it on another platform. You can start listening to it and give Lizzo Special Reviews your opinion.

The controversy surrounding tracking in Special Album

A track on the Special album was controversial because of a certain word. A number of organizations brought a lawsuit against the song. After that, the word was removed from the song and an updated version is released by Lizzo.

Lizzo is a person who avoids controversy and doesn’t mean to offend anyone’s feelings through her songs. She apologized to the organization.


After a few days, you can view Lizzo Special Reviews and read what the audience has said about it.

Which song is your favorite from the album? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.