Medical carts are designed to help healthcare professionals’ complete rounds, interact with patients, and perform specialized tasks. These vital pieces of equipment need to function properly to ensure medical workers’ efficiency and patients’ safety. Read on to find out when to replace medical carts to make sure they’re always up to date and working as intended.

Carts Are No Longer Mobile

The mobility of medical carts is one of their top benefits. If a cart’s wheels become damaged, they can be replaced. If, on the other hand, there has been substantial damage to the cart that makes it more difficult to repair, it’s usually better to find an emergency cart manufacturer to purchase new ones.

Outdated Technologies

Modern medical carts aren’t just tables or sets of drawers on wheels. They feature all kinds of technological advancements, including not just computer workstations but also automatically locking drawers, medical equipment, and more. If the hospital’s carts weren’t designed to accommodate things like remote exams or easy data entry, it’s time to look into purchasing more up-to-date models.

Poor Design

Every medical cart manufacturer takes a slightly different approach to create their product lines. There are, however, a few design features that should be considered absolute necessities. Medical carts must be easily maneuverable, made from hygienic, easy-to-clean materials, and capable of locking if they are designed to carry medications. Carts that don’t have all of these basic features aren’t worth upgrading. It’s more affordable to simply buy new models from a more reliable manufacturer.

No Carts Available for the Intended Purpose

Medical carts are highly specialized. A hospital that only has general-purpose patient care carts will cause all kinds of problems for its staff as a result. If, for example, a cart intended to carry only a computer workstation must be used to transport heavy equipment, that can cause serious strain to staff members’ muscles and joints. It’s better to purchase a cart designed specifically for managing heavier items.

Patient Safety Becomes a Concern

In some cases, it’s the patients who could suffer as a result of inadequate cart designs. Medication management is just one example. Modern medication carts are designed to have electronic locking mechanisms that help to prevent drug diversion within the hospital. Using a cart without locking drawers may lead to patients going without the medications they need.

The Staff Is Complaining

If there’s one sure sign it’s time to invest in new medical carts, it’s the nursing staff complaining about the current models. Doctors perform their rounds and head back to their offices while nurses and aides are responsible for providing the majority of daily patient care. These healthcare professionals need access to all the right tools and equipment to get their jobs done properly, and that includes up-to-date, functional medical carts. Administrators should listen if the nursing staff has complaints.

How to Buy New Carts

The best place to find high-quality, specialized medical carts is online. Just be sure to work with a reputable manufacturer that specializes in making products for healthcare facilities.